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Far Cry 6 May Not Have Fan Favorite Character

Author : Parovelma01678
Publish Date : 2021-05-04 20:07:52
Far Cry 6 May Not Have Fan Favorite Character

Despite having Far Cry 4 DLC named after him, this fan-favorite character may be missing from the cast of Far Cry 6. Somehow, regardless of lore and logic, Hurk's made comedic appearances in every game since Far Cry 3, and fans are upset to hear that he might not make it into the next installment.

Hurk first appeared in Far Cry 3, where fans fell in love with the idiotic daredevil. Jason Brody was never thrilled to receive a call from this companion after he strapped a monkey to some bombs, but fans liked him enough to appear in each game following. After making a small appearance in Far Cry 4, Hurk showed up in Far Cry 5, one of the most logical settings for Hurk Drubman, Jr. As it would turn out, Hope County is the home of the Drubman family, but he even makes unexpected yet hilarious appearances in Far Cry Primal and New Dawn, where he is, somehow, still alive.
Following such an epic history as a character, fans of the Far Cry series were expecting him to appear in the next installment one way or another. However, Hurk's voice actor, Dylan Taylor, responded to a comment that asked him if he would be in Far Cry 6: "I miss that big dummy," the fan said. Taylor replied, "Me too, man," and revealed that he hasn't been contacted by anyone working on Far Cry 6, which likely means that Hurk simply won't return to the protagonist's aid this time around.
Far Cry 6 was initially set to release on February 18, 2021. Not surprisingly, it was pushed back to due constraints from the Covid-19 pandemic and is now due out later this year, though Ubisoft has been silent on the news front as of late. Still, this means it's far into its development process, and possibly too late to add in another voice actor, not to mention animate his character.
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At least when it comes to lore, Hurk's lack of appearance in the next installment would make sense. Far Cry 6 is set in Yara, a fictional country inspired by Cuba. That isn't to say that Hurk couldn't make some kind of excuse as to why he's in the Caribbean country, much like he did when on the islands of Far Cry 3 and 4. Writers over at Ubisoft were even able to work him—or rather, a distant ancestor of Hurk's—into Primal, after all.

Fans are saddened to see a lack of Hurk Drubman, Jr., saying that he's one of the essentials of making a Far Cry game. Some even say they may not play a "Hurkless" Far Cry.


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