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Explaining All the Overwatch Comic Books Released So Far

Author : turnsoil
Publish Date : 2021-02-25 11:20:33
Explaining All the Overwatch Comic Books Released So Far

Overwatch is filled with lore surrounding all of the characters throughout the game's character interactions, events, and official animated shorts. With Overwatch 2 on the far horizon with plenty more stories to tell, it may be important for fans to be all caught up with the lore.

One of the biggest sources of Overwatch lore outside of the game is the large number of official comics surrounding important story events and characters. These comics aren't just minor side stories either, with many of them revealing important aspects of beloved characters such as their real names and who their loved ones are.

While the Overwatch comics aren't too long a read, with most of the averaging around ten pages, there may be some just not interested in reading them. Here are all the important events of each currently released Overwatch comic.

The first Overwatch comic focuses on Jesse McCree, long after the end of the Overwatch organization. It follows him stopping a train robbery conducted by the terrorist organization Talon. While the passengers are thankful for his help, it is revealed that McCree is currently seen as an outlaw by the world and is going to be blamed for the robbery by the media.

An important detail that may seem small at first is that one of the Talon agents that McCree shoots recognizes him, and angerly calls him out. This is due to multiple members of Blackwatch, other than Reaper and Moira, also joining Talon after Blackwatch's disbandment.

The second issue follows Reinhardt and Brigitte during their travels through Europe. After the two of them find themselves in a town overtaken by a violent gang of scavengers, Reinhardt is forcefully beaten to avoid harm coming to the townspeople. He however prepares his armor and saves the town.

One of the biggest pieces of lore to come from this comic is the introduction of Brigitte as Reinhardt's squire, and that towns affected by the Omnic Crisis are being targeted and exploited by criminals.

Going Legit follows both Junkrat and Roadhog on their criminal misadventures. The comic itself is focused on the two taking on what they consider to be a "legit job," when a wealthy man from Sydney hires them to destroy a group of Omnics. According to the man, the Omnics are terrorists that have taken over his factory. With both Junkrat and Roadhog's lives ravaged by the Omnic Crisis, the two happily take on a job that lets them destroy any kind of robot.

It is eventually revealed that the two were tricked and the entire job was going to let the wealthy man commit insurance fraud. In response, Junkrat kills the man that hired him with an explosion.

The next comic follows Symmetra on one of her jobs with the Vishkar Corporation. In it, Vishkar wishes to begin work in Rio De Janeiro for Omnic Crisis relief, but another company known as Calado has a better relationship with the city. In order to get in better favor, Symmetra is instructed to infiltrate Calado in order to find incriminating information on the group.

Although Symmetra successfully managed to get inside, she was unable to find anything to use against Calado. In response, an explosion was set off by higher members of Vishkar to destroy the Calado building, taking many lives with it. Symmetra is horrified and tries to help as many civilians caught by it as she can. She, however, still remains loyal to Vishkar due to her viewing the company as saving her own life.


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