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Exomecha Gets Eye-Popping New Trailer

- By shockhire
Publish Date : 2021-03-27 08:00:37
Exomecha Gets Eye-Popping New Trailer

Developer TwistedRed's MMORPG first-person shooter Exomecha was announced last July at the Xbox Showcase. The world premier of Exomecha showed off different elements of gameplay, including vehicles, shooting a variety of weapons, and giant robot swordfights. Now, TwistedRed has given fans an extended gameplay trailer that shows off even more exciting features of Exomecha.

TwistedRed is a fairly new studio founded in 2019 with the vision of bringing triple-A quality games to consoles and PC using Unreal Engine. Exomecha will be the studio's first title release and the game is scheduled to release in August of 2021. Based on the trailers, Exomecha looks like a mix between Halo and possibly Titanfall, with extremely bright, detailed environments, weapons, and special effects.

The Exomecha world premier trailer revealed many gameplay elements, including piloting both a Warthog-like vehicle and a helicopter and showed off a variety of weapons like futuristic shotguns, rifles, and pistols. Now, the new gameplay trailer gives fans a closer look at some of the extensive combat situations. In the gameplay trailer, new weapons are shown off like a large grenade launcher and a fast-firing SMG.

The trailer also reveals more vehicles including a spider-like robot, and a closer look at a very unique looking tank and a helicopter. Along with the new vehicles, fans get a first look at the grappling hook ability, which appears to be used to quickly enter vehicles from far away. The similarities to both Halo and Titanfall extend to the various movement abilities shown off so far. Halo and Titanfall have both featured grappling hooks and the rocket boosts seen in the first Exomecha trailer.

One of the most exciting elements of Exomecha may be the large robots that will share the battlefield with soldiers. The gameplay trailer reveals more combat between the Gundam-like robots including a showdown between a red robot and a blue robot. During the combat sequence, the robots can be seen shooting at each other using rifles, then changing weapons to fight an intense melee battle. One robot wields a large shield and a battleaxe, and the other wields a smaller shield and a sword. It seems that Exomecha will feature a variety of weapons for both soldiers and the large robots as well.

The latest gameplay trailer of Exomecha gives fans an exciting look at the action that will unfold in August when the title releases. Exomecha seems to be shaping up to be exactly like TwistedRed intended, a triple-a game that will be free-to-play.

Annapurna Interactive has just released a brand new gameplay demo for its latest titled called Last Stop. Readers will likely know Annapurna Interactive as the publishers behind indie games like What Remains of Edith Finch and The Unfinished Swan.

However, Last Stop is a bit different from other Annapurna Interactive published titles, as it takes the form of a lighthearted adventure game, where players will make choices throughout the game that define the course of the narrative. This recent gameplay demo, released on the official Annapurna Interactive YouTube channel, shows part of the story for two of the game's protagonists: John and Jack.


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