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Empire of Sin Reveals Make It Count Expansion

Author : farmtoler
Publish Date : 2021-05-24 09:54:04
Empire of Sin Reveals Make It Count Expansion

Part of what makes Paradox Interactive's games so appealing is the level of post-launch support given to near every game release. That's even true for new Paradox game partnerships, such as Romero Games' Empire of Sin, it seems. During the recent PDXCON digital convention for all things Paradox, Romero Games announced its first major expansion for Prohibition-era strategy game. It's named Make It Count and it's tentatively planned for release later in 2021.

Make It Count is a full-fledged expansion for Empire of Sin. It'll introduce a new series of story-based missions, several key new features, and will lay the foundation for additional content updates in the future. The announcement of Make It Count is being treated as Romero Games pivoting away from a post-launch balance and optimization focus to a post-launch content focus. Co-founder Brenda Romero says that the team is ready to explore new opportunities for Empire of Sin, providing "more content to sink [your] teeth into."

The story of Make It Count revolves around Meyer Lansky and his gang of Fixers. Playing as Lansky, the player will become the mob's accountant, excelling at economics and diplomacy. Lansky's fixers, on the other hand, deal with the more physical aspects of loan sharking. With them, players will be able to use a new Blackmail feature to manipulate other Empire of Sin characters and factions. Of course, there are more abilities and other specific content planned, as well.

The Make it Count expansion is planned to be released alongside Empire of Sin's previously announced upcoming free Precinct Update. The Precinct Update will add major features including a Precinct management layer for neighborhoods, new Chi-Town Mogul and Buyout win conditions based on building and diplomacy efforts, and perhaps most importantly the addition of mod support in Empire of Sin. Again, the Precinct Update will be entirely free for all current players.

Being Romero Games' first title and having such a large and intricate scope, it's understandable that Empire of Sin has had a tumultuous launch. Paradox is well familiar with this, as big games, whether they're grand strategy titles or otherwise, are so complex and the players so thorough that optimization and balance are always big issues. The key thing is that Romero is sticking with the game.

Empire of Sin wasn't the only Paradox game to get a new expansion announcement at PDXCON, either. The Royal Court expansion was announced for Crusader Kings 3, a Second Chances expansion will launch June 16 for Prison Architect, and Victoria 3 is an all-new game currently in development. Empire of Sin is among good company.

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