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Elder Scrolls Fan Breaks Down Weird Lore Detail

Author : monklabfital
Publish Date : 2021-04-10 07:15:55
Elder Scrolls Fan Breaks Down Weird Lore Detail

The Elder Scrolls series hosts an expansive world filled with incredible amounts of detail and lore expanded across all of its titles. The series has built a very large dedicated community, which has led to some Elder Scrolls fans figuring out some of the weirder aspects of the series' lore.

As a series, Elder Scrolls is renowned for the level of detail that is built into its medieval fantasy world. From the wide range of species to the different socio-political systems and cultures that are present across its multiple countries and dimensions, not many of the big picture details about the world is left up to the imagination of fans to figure out for themselves.

However, Reddit user JGraham636 took to The Elder Scrolls Lore subreddit to answer a simple question that it is quite possible only he thought to ask: which races in Elder Scrolls sweat? It seems rather obvious that humans in Elder Scrolls would sweat, since humans in the real world do, and the post points out that there are many quotes within the series that confirm that hunch. The post also quickly establishes that the more humanoid races like Orcs, Dunmer, and Bosmer all sweat as well, with plenty of references in in-game quotes found throughout the series, which makes sense since those races all seem physiologically similar to humans.

The post then details that the harder question comes when considering the beastfolk common in Elder Scrolls. This includes the lizard-like Argonians, cat-like Khajit, and snake-like Tamrielic. The post quickly establishes that the Tamrielic do indeed sweat, but the more interesting explanation involves the Argonians. With Argonians being lizard-folk, it brings up questions about why they are so active during the peak hours of the day when real-world lizards are more inactive at those hours in order to cool off. The fact that Argonians sweat, which is supported by evidence, answers that question as well.

In the end, JGraham626 finds that the cat-like Khajit are the only race unable to sweat, which could point to why the race is so renowned for preferring solving international conflict through espionage and sabotage since their inability to sweat may lower their stamina in battle from over-heating. While analyzing to figure out what races sweat seems like a weird detail to focus on, it does carry a lot of implications for the worldbuilding at large and presents a lot of cool things to think about for diehard Elder Scrolls fans while they wait for news on the long-awaited sixth Elder Scrolls title.

A lot of RPGs from the western and eastern sides of the game industry tend to be very long. It’s become something of an expectation for a role-playing game to be stuffed full of activities that allow players to fully immerse themselves in a game’s world. Relax, spend time with the characters, and grind so many side quests that the main story becomes trivial. It’s a tradition as old as the genre, and none uphold it more than the Persona and The Elder Scrolls franchises.

It does not take much knowledge about either of these series to know that picking up any one of these long RPG entries will result in a time sink one won’t be free of for quite some time. Every full game covered by these two camps takes at least 30-40 hours to beat on a very focused playthrough, and players will typically take much longer than that if they take their time and/or enjoy what they’re doing. However, a question some are curious of between this pair of related-yet-different franchises is: on average, how long does it take to beat each one? The time-tracking website How Long To Beat holds some answers.


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