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Elden Ring Fans Are Getting Tricked By Fake Leaks

Author : amin
Publish Date : 2021-03-02 07:05:08
Elden Ring Fans Are Getting Tricked By Fake Leaks

There have been a flood of Elden Ring rumors and leaks going around the internet in recent days. Reportedly, a leaked gameplay trailer for Elden Ring has been making the rounds on online chat forums, with those who've seen the trailer taking screenshots and video of the rumored trailer.

Now, there are people online who are taking advantage of all the confusion and rumors surrounding Elden Ring and are creating fake leaks that are confusing those who are looking for the real thing. Thankfully, some of these fake Elden Ring leaks have already been debunked, but there are plenty of people online who are getting tricked by all the misinformation going around.

For those who may not be all that familiar with Elden Ring, it is the next big title from Dark Souls developer FromSoftware. Considering FromSoftware's titles review incredibly well and are extremely popular with the developer's ever-growing fanbase, the hype surrounding Elden Ring isn't all that surprising. Unfortunately, all of that hype can lead to a lot of misinformation and rumors, which make it hard to separate the fake news from the actual information about the game. As such, plenty of gamers are getting fooled by the plethora of fake leaks circulating online at the moment.

The creation of these fake leaks have been going on for awhile, but they really picked up steam late last week. These fan-made Elden Ring leaks started out as jokes on Reddit, but slowly other forum users started to post concept and fan art without proper sourcing, leading to large scale confusion online. For example, one Twitter user posted two off-screen pictures on Twitter that were found on ResetEra, claiming the two pictures were leaked from Elden Ring. Unfortunately, both images have been confirmed as fake, with the knight in ornate armor coming from an artist on ArtStation.com, and the right picture of a castle hallway also confirmed as an existing picture from another artist on ArtStation.

It's a frustrating situation for FromSoftware fans to say the least. Unfortunately, many gamers online simply don't take the time to analyze these fake Elden Ring leaks, which makes it that much easier for misinformation to spread. It also doesn't help that FromSoftware has rarely spoken about the game since its reveal back in 2o19. As fans have really only seen one trailer for Elden Ring with a handful of images showing off the game's art style and aesthetic, it's easy for unassociated art pieces to get associated with the game online.

Unfortunately, it seems all FromSoftware fans can do right now is take each leak they come across with a grain of salt and try their best to debunk potential leaks they see. Plenty of Elden Ring fans are voicing frustration online and for good reason. With any luck, FromSoftware will debut a new trailer for Elden Ring sometime in the near future which may just put some of these more frustrating rumors and fake leaks to rest.

Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated games in the industry at large is Elden Ring. From Software has, time and again, proven why it has such a stellar reputation among fans, and this is easily seen in the game's strong fandom. It's an odd situation from the outside looking in, as nothing but one trailer has ever been revealed, and that was back at E3 2019. Most games would die without any sort of information pipeline, though there are a couple of exceptions such as Nintendo's Metroid Prime 4.


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