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Diablo 3 Followers Are Getting Revamped

Author : copesburd
Publish Date : 2021-03-17 12:01:58
Diablo 3 Followers Are Getting Revamped

Solo play for Diablo 3 is about to get better with new revamps coming to the Follower system that gives fans who prefer to dive into the game alone an NPC companion to roam around with. This comes after the end of the most recent Diablo 3 Public Test Realm that ran a preview of the new features coming to the Follower system, among other updates for the game.

The planned revamping is also expected be come to all major platforms that Diablo 3 currently runs on, including PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. So, while the PTR in which the feature was tested was only available on PC while it ran, the resulting updates will be available to all players across the board.

In this new revamp, Followers can now be equipped with up to 14 items, including full gear sets, two rings, and both a main-hand and off-hand weapon, similar to how players can deck out their own characters. This will also be bringing a new feature called Emanate to the Followers, which will allow players to receive certain bonuses depending on what they equip onto their companions. These include some of the bonuses from Diablo 3's best gear sets, or some Legendary Powers, such as Broken Crown, Goldskin, and Gladiator Gauntlets.

Follower skills will also be getting a substantial revamp, with some skills being retooled and each of the three classes gaining completely new skills to take into combat. There are also some quality of life updates coming to Followers, such as new UI features to give players a better understanding of how and when to use some of these updated skills. The update might not put the Follower on the same level as Diablo 3's top tier character builds, but it is definitely a huge improvement on the way the system had worked up until now.

With fans clearly excited to see what else Blizzard has in store for Diablo 4, seeing this type of reworking coming to the current game in the series lineup is a great sign so far. Hopefully, any new features being added to Diablo 3 are somewhat of a beta build for what the developer will be releasing with the next installment at launch. Additionally, knowing that the developer will continue to work on the older title, even while in full development of the next game, could say a lot for how much support players can expect when Diablo 4 finally launches.

Over the past few years, the popularity of looter games have exploded thanks to the addicting grind of incremental character progression, alongside fighting through enemies and bosses. Franchises such as Diablo and Borderlands have had a deep influence in their respective genres, as more and more games attempt to emulate the loot-driven systems. Despite the surge in popularity, however, many looter games end up quickly forgotten as they can't replicate the balance between grinding and character progression as well as others.

Looter games such as Godfall and Wolcen generated excitement leading up to each release, only to suffer from bugs, repetitive endgame content, and awkward combat. Though these games have some interesting elements in them, there's a reason that players will continually revisit certain looter games over others. Few looter games have retained consistent popularity in their lifecycles and the ones that do are a result of the developers' ability to create a rewarding progression experience.


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