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Destiny 2s New Transmog Feature Explained

- By fahad
Publish Date : 2021-05-04 07:58:41
Destiny 2s New Transmog Feature Explained

With the Season of the Chosen finally winding down, Bungie has begun to outline what's next for Destiny 2 players. While the studio remains tight lipped on what the theme of story beats of Season 14 will be, fans have gotten substantial looks at some of the changes coming to the live service title. Part of that involves further weapon balancing, perk changes, as well as the long awaited return of the classic Destiny raid known as Vault of Glass.

However, for most players, the most exciting news for Season 14 is Destiny 2's version of a transmog system. While Bungie refers to this system as Armor Synthesis, players will once again be able to visit Ada-1 at the tower to start creating new universal ornaments. While fans are thrilled that this long requested system is finally being implemented, how this new transmog system was implemented has been a sore spot with the community as to really maximize it, players will likely need to spend real money.

While Bungie remains silent on any potential changes to plans for armor synthesis, the system itself can be a little confusing as it features a number of steps players will need to undertake before being able to convert armor into ornaments. Here's everything Destiny 2 players need to know about Armor Synthesis.

While it may go by different names based on the game being played, Armor Synthesis is essentially a transmog system that allows players to completely customize the look of their character without actively changing the equipped armor. Most loot based games feature a system like this as it allows players to continue wearing the best gear stats-wise, but changing the look of the armor to something that may be more eye catching or fits what the player wants.

For Destiny 2, players will be able to convert their currently owned gear into universal ornaments, a system which changes the appearance of their armor into something else entirely. Former Black Armory merchant Ada-1 will be responsible for this new system, offering new bounties to players that reward materials needed to make this process happen.

As with most things in Destiny 2, players won't be able to start making ornaments right at the start of Season 14. The process involves a number of resources that need to be acquired in a specific order. Destiny 2 players should prepare for another grind as defeating enemies drops a material known as Synthstrand, which is then given to Ada-1 in bundles of 150 to unlock activity specific bounties. Completing these bounties awards the player with Synthcord which can be converted at Ada-1's loom at the Tower to create Synthweave. This material is then used to unlock armor appearances from the player's Collections tab into a Universal Armor Ornament.

Bungie's goal with the bounty system was to allow players to earn Synthcord through their favorite activities rather than forcing them to play through something they may not necessarily want to spend their time doing. Five categories will be available, encompassing Vanguard related activities like Nightfalls and Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, Destination related tasks, as well as Raids and Dungeons. Players are encouraged to pick up the correct bounties for what activity they want to accomplish as abandoning a bounty will reward a portion of spend Synthstrand, but not all of it.


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