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Destiny 2 Teases Crucible Changes for Season 15

- By romajerry
Publish Date : 2021-02-26 10:46:08
Destiny 2 Teases Crucible Changes for Season 15

Destiny 2's latest season, Season of the Chosen, is underway and bringing new content to the game, and Bungie is still hard at work on the upcoming content. Despite the Witch Queen expansion's delay to early 2022, the developer is still working on new Destiny 2 content to release this year.

The Bungie weekly update recently revealed a series of content that will form the road to Destiny 2's Witch Queen expansion. Some of the new content includes changes to weapon rewards, experimenting with a new Power level cap, and further optimization of Destiny 2's gameplay. It also revealed that there will be new changes made to Crucible for Season 15.

Bungie intends to refine Crucible gameplay in Destiny 2, stating that it will be improving sandbox balancing and upgrading experiences in the game modes, such as Trials and Competitive. One of these balances involves disabling emotes during Crucible and not allowing players to use third-person weapons that have no ammo. According to the update, Bungie is doing this to address the "three-peeking" issue in Destiny 2 PVP matches and keep things fair. However, the developer is working towards a better solution as this is the first step to doing so.

Bungie will also be introducing updates to adjust Destiny 2's Stasis subclasses in Crucible. Many of the listed changes include damage reduction to some of the various Stasis subclasses abilities, like the Behemoth Titan's Super, the Revenant Hunter's Withering Blade ability, and general crystal shatter damage. The updates will also fix bugs for the Shadebinder Warlock subclass's Iceflare Bolts and Shadebinder Super abilities.

Stasis will receive more adjustments in Season 15, such as increasing damage reduction for frozen players to boost their survivability. Bungie will also be focusing on Destiny 2's Light subclasses in Season 15 and plans to release a series of targeted buffs to underutilized specializations. The goal is to tweak Stasis' effectiveness and make sure it lines up with the Light subclasses for the Crucible in Season 15 and future seasons.

Bungie will also continue improving weapon archetype performance and will keep introducing more balancing changes as well as new perks to "shift the meta" in Crucible. It will also be working on ability usage rates to make sure guns and gunplay stay critical to players' success in Crucible. Bungie will introduce updates to the Trials of Osiris that build a better reward structure for player progression and make the matchmaking pools healthier.

The developer will be working on updates with a similar scope for Iron Banner, too. Bungie is also working on its anti-cheating efforts for Crucible. This includes doubling its security team, using surveys to understand player experiences with cheating, and pursuing aggressive legal action against any cheat developers. Overall, Bungie has plans to improve players' experience for Destiny 2's Season of the Chosen as well as Season 15.

It's been just over three years since the original release of Destiny 2, Bungie's genre-defining multiplayer looter-shooter. The game has received multiple expansions over that time, keeping the lore and gameplay fresh for veteran players. Some of the most intriguing additions to Destiny 2 are the hidden Exotic quests, special missions that are tricky to find.


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