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Destiny 2 Needs New Maps in the Crucible

Author : oralgreat
Publish Date : 2021-05-25 12:55:22
Destiny 2 Needs New Maps in the Crucible

Destiny 2 has recently released Season of the Splicer, which features new and returning content. Merely two days ago, Bungie released a "new" Raid in the form of the iconic Vault of Glass, which still has lots to offer both to veterans and players starting now. However, the roadmap for Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer does not mention anything about PvP stuff, and that means that players shouldn't be expecting anything new for the Crucible until next Season at the earliest.

This can be problematic for two reasons, and one is that Destiny 2's current PvP meta revolves around Stasis, which has overthrown almost all Light builds when fighting against other Guardians due to slows and freezes being that strong. The second reason is that PvP is seeing not much love in terms of new maps, and it has been 600 days today since the last time a new Crucible map was added, but that's not all. As a matter of fact, Destiny 2's Crucible map selection is also lacking 11 areas that were removed when Beyond Light launched last November. That's because of the file reduction plan that Bungie started working on with the removal of Mercury, Mars, Titan, Io, The Farm, and The Leviathan Raids, locations that hosted Crucible maps, unfortunately.

As far as the Stasis situation is concerned, hardcore Destiny 2 PvP players should rejoice because it was confirmed that at some point Stasis will be nerfed in PvP, shifting the focus of the game mode more towards guns than abilities and Supers. However, there is no official news regarding the Crucible and its maps, meaning that barring any surprise event or update, fans shouldn't have their hopes too high for this prior to Season 15 or even the Witch Queen expansion, coming in 2022. Still, Bungie does have plenty of content to draw inspiration from for new Crucible maps, and that includes everything that released from 2019 up to more recent days.

Some fans are even stating how they would be happy with the previously vaulted 11 maps coming back, and that goes to show just how much the community is in need of new content to play. If Bungie were to release new maps, however, it could do so based on the planet Europa, where the great majority of the storyline for Beyond Light takes place, but also work on areas inspired by seasonal content. One of the most successful things in the Season of the Splicer so far is its 80s synthwave theme, which makes the Vex simulations bright and colorful for extra fun and cool aesthetics.

It was October 1st, 2019 when Destiny 2 fans were able to play new Crucible content, back when the Shadowkeep expansion was released. With it came three new Crucible maps called Twilight Gap, Widow's Court, and Fragment. Regardless of the frustrating milestone that May 24 marks, Destiny 2 is one of those games where new stuff is constantly coming, especially so since the Seasons system was introduced, and that's because new activities, however small, are always on the horizon.

With this in mind, players should still be hopeful that Bungie listens. The company has shown its willingness to listen to the community over and over again, albeit not on every occasion, but the point is that Bungie cares about Destiny 2 and its future just as much as players do. The fact that Stasis will see a reduction in power in PvP proves how much Bungie wants to address issues currently plaguing the game, and this bodes very well for the addition of new Crucible maps over the course of this year, or early 2022.


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