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Destiny 2 Glitch Puts 12 Players in a Raid

- By lenny
Publish Date : 2021-03-03 11:54:43
Destiny 2 Glitch Puts 12 Players in a Raid

Veterans of the Destiny 2 community are well aware of its various amount of glitches, some of which have allowed for some seriously fun in-game moments. While it's no shock that some of the glitches of Destiny 2 can be as ambitious as they are game-breaking, the most recent discovery has allowed a staggering 12 Guardians to assemble in a single raid instance at will.

Destiny 2's matchmaking is only one of many components of the game that routinely suffers from glitches in-game. In the past, glitches affecting the matchmaking have resulted in Strikes that have more than 20 players at once, and although the experience isn't easily replicated, players have since testified to their own multi-man Strike experiences. In either case, this specific type of glitch is one particularly loved by the community, and YouTuber Scrub revealed a version of it that is potentially accessible to anyone willing to give it a shot.

To start the glitch, players will need two fireteams, with the first being full with 6 players, and the second having the additional fireteam members. With all of the players in one voice chat, the leader of the first fireteam will launch the Raid, then signal to the leader of the second to join once the in-game launch timer reaches two seconds. Meanwhile, the second fireteam leader should have the prompt to join the first fireteam ready. If done properly, the in-game text should show someone is joining the fireteam and, upon loading the activity, should have all of the players spawned near each other.

The coolest aspect of this glitch isn't only the fact that it can be replicated for endless fun, but the fact that it's been verified to work on any of the in-game Raid or Dungeon activities. Destiny 2 Raids like Garden of Salvation and Last Wish can be intimidating for newer Guardians, so a glitch like this could turn a daunting activity into one that allows for a greater margin of error. Furthermore, the veterans of Destiny 2 can assemble their own hardcore groups for some crazy boss-melting combinations.

Scrub further confirmed that pulling off the glitch requires extremely precise timing, meaning any players unable to get it to work shouldn't be quick to quit. Even better, although it seems the YouTuber tested this primarily on PC, other comments under the video confirm that the glitch can be replicated on console. This isn't entirely a surprise given that a glitch like this is primarily a problem within the game and not tied to any system, though it's good to know for sure that every Destiny 2 player can benefit from it. With features like Destiny 2's Crossplay just around the corner, a glitch like this could further revolutionize Destiny 2 in-game activities, though Bungie may decide to deal with the issue sooner than later.

Bungie recently launched its 13th season of Destiny 2, “The Season of the Chosen,” and it’s jam-packed with new missions, gear, and stories to discover. Season 13 revolves around Empress Caiatl, the daughter of the dethroned Emperor Calus, who has arrived to find out what happened to her father and battle the Hive.

The new season of Destiny 2 features one of the darkest stories ever told in the game’s history: the Presage mission. Presage is a new exotic quest that has players investigate a distress signal from a ship, the Glykon Volatus, that has been overrun with the Darkness. In return for help, the player is promised an exotic Scout Rifle appropriately called Dead Man's Tale. The entire quest is unsettling, but it’s also some of the best storytelling Destiny 2 has offered in the past four years. The story of what happened aboard the Glykon is dark, both literally and figuratively, and has left players feeling eager for more content with a similar tone.


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