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Destiny 2 Energy Accelerant Mod Disabled

- By groveend
Publish Date : 2021-05-17 07:49:13
Destiny 2 Energy Accelerant Mod Disabled

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer is here and brings Guardians a Seasonal Artifact as well as new and returning Seasonal Mods to experiment with. Seasonal Mods are a way for Bungie to direct the Destiny 2 meta each season while giving Guardians new ways to augment their builds.

However, a new Mod for Season 14 called Energy Accelerant has already been disabled pending a fix. Energy Accelerant is supposed to increase the explosion damage of Dragonfly, Chain Reaction, and Firefly. However, because of a bug, Energy Accelerant was unintentionally increasing the damage of most weapon-based explosions.

As many Guardians are well aware, Telesto has a habit of breaking Destiny 2 in various ways. Energy Accelerant is just the new thing that boosts Telesto, allowing it to do more damage than intended. Energy Accelerant doubles the damage of each Telesto bolt from 39 to 78, something not intended by Bungie.

Telesto, however, was not the only bugged interaction with Energy Accelerant, as many Exotics and weapons with explosions were unintentionally affected by Energy Accelerant. Symmetry, the Exotic Scout Rifle with tracking shots, was also broken with the introduction of the Energy Accelerant Mod.

Symmetry with Energy Accelerant allowed Guardians to two-tap other Guardians in the Crucible without any charged shots. The base damage of Symmetry’s tracking bolts was increased to 100, clearly not intended by Bungie, and was another catalyst leading to the Energy Accelerant Mod being disabled until a fix can be found and deployed.

Guardians have witnessed Telesto create chaos in the Crucible before, so this is not surprising for many veterans. Destiny 2 players can often count on Telesto to break the game in one way or another, from cheesing the Blind Well in Forsaken to buffing its damage in Season of the Splicer. Telesto is a repeatedly game-breaking weapon that seems to haunt developers at Bungie.

Many Guardians are hopeful for a fix to Energy Accelerant before the Vault of Glass Raid because it will mark the return of a fan favorite, Fatebringer. Having a mod that boosts the damage of Dragonfly, Chain Reaction, and Firefly is a much-needed thing considering the damage that Dragonfly seems to lack. Guardians looking to increase the damage of their explosions will have to wait for Bungie to release a patch to the Energy Accelerant Mod. For now, Guardians should pick a different mod from the Destiny 2 Seasonal Artifact.

Destiny 2 brought Guardians the Darkness Subclass, Stasis. Since its arrival in Beyond Light, Stasis has been dominating the Crucible. Bungie has given out some nerfs to different bits and pieces of Stasis, however, it has not proven to be enough for many Destiny 2 Guardians.

Destiny 2 puts a lot of emphasis on movement. Stasis directly counters that movement and is proving to be a pain point for Guardians. Stasis can both freeze and slow a Guardian in the Crucible, and neither of those mechanics are something that Destiny can balance regardless of how hard it tries.

Despite the outcry of some of the Destiny community, Stasis is here to stay, even in the Crucible. A recent tweet from Bungie Sandbox Discipline Lead Kevin Yanes may give Guardians something to look forward to regarding Stasis in the Crucible. Yanes mentions he cannot say much, but the team is actively trying adjustments to Stasis.


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