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Dead by Daylight Details Realm Beyond Content

Author : fieldten
Publish Date : 2021-05-26 08:02:22
Dead by Daylight Details Realm Beyond Content

Asymmetric horror multiplayer title Dead by Daylight has received a lot of support since it launched in 2016. It has received plenty of new killers, survivors, maps, and crossovers for Dead by Daylight fans to enjoy. Now, as the game approaches its fifth anniversary, fans are preparing for the anticipated Realm Beyond update.

Developer Behaviour Interactive also recently announced that Dead by Daylight will receive a large Resident Evil crossover in celebration of the anniversary. The crossover will include Resident Evil 3's Nemesis, who will be the game's first killer to use AI companions when played. Furthermore, the crossover will feature Resident Evil 3's Jill Valentine and Resident Evil 2's Leon Kennedy as new survivors for players.

In a livestream today celebrating the upcoming anniversary, the developers took time to detail the Realm Beyond update. One of the update's main focuses is an extensive graphical overhaul. In the stream, developers explained wanting to do the rework now as a reaction to the new generation of consoles and wanting to bring the game's graphics more in line with other titles coming out. The overhaul includes new level designs, lighting improvements, and new designs for Dead by Daylight's survivors and killers.

The developers also gave some details on how they are able to achieve such a complete overhaul. The game's success over the past five years has allowed Behaviour to grow its team and develop new tools to improve its content development pipeline. Developers also discuss adding more details to the reworked maps, such as adding jump scares into the structure of the map and working in environmental storytelling as well so the maps have more personality. The Realm Beyond update will also bring some new accessibility features to Dead by Daylight to help more players be able to engage with the game.

The scale of the Realm Beyond update is impressive, and completely overhauling a game's graphics is no small feat even with an improved development pipeline. It is great to see all of the support that Behaviour Interactive has dedicated to Dead by Daylight and its community as the game continues to grow. Behavior Interactive has detailed a roadmap for all of the content planned for Dead by Daylight's sixth year, so players should have a lot to look forward to once the Realm Beyond update is released.

Every so often, Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive puts out a survey to gauge how the players are feeling about the current state of the game. In response, it will adjust the game or create new DLC based on the feedback received from fans. On April 23 this year, Dead by Daylight revealed another survey on its Twitter account that asks fans their opinions of recent DLC, promotional images, and the more grotesque and ugly images of the game's horror themes. This survey was a little different in other ways too, with a special section asking fans what licensed content they'd like to see in DBD.

After a few questions about the recent All-Kill chapter, the survey opens to a page devoted to the future of Behaviour Interactive's licensed partnerships. There is a question that asks fans who they would consider a good addition to the game, with four drop down menus for Movies/TV, Anime, Video Games, and Comics. Each list varies in length but features some popular IPs from their respective mediums, although some more conventional horror franchises than others. Looking at some of the IP partners already listed, there is a lot of potential in new DLC chapters for Dead by Daylight.


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