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Custom Ghost of Tsushima DualSense Controller is Stunning

Author : felex
Publish Date : 2021-03-04 06:52:22
Custom Ghost of Tsushima DualSense Controller is Stunning

A Reddit user has shared an incredible DualSense controller with custom art inspired by the 2020 hit Ghost of Tsushima. The custom design pays homage to the beautiful art of the game itself and demonstrates the incredible talent of the artist, TheCaliWorkshop.

Released in the summer of 2020, Ghost of Tsushima served as one of the last triple-A releases from a Sony first-party studio of the console generation. This highly anticipated exclusive was released to critical acclaim and is regarded by many as the swansong of the PS4. Since the next-generation PS5 released only three months later, it’s no surprise that the game was updated to take advantage of the more powerful PS5 hardware.

Ghost of Tsushima was well-regarded for its technical achievement, expansive open-world, and captivating story. Reviewers everywhere agreed that the art of Ghost was truly incredible, with a deep color palette and an impressively realistic depiction of the Samurai era and culture. Developer Sucker Punch scattered hundreds - if not thousands - of individual leaves that blew in the wind and reacted to player movements. The mesmerizing display became synonymous with the game itself, and artist TheCaliWorkshop has put those leaves to good use on this custom controller.

Ghost of Tsushima is a game of contrasts: clashing cultures, differing combat styles, and starkly contrasting colors that lend the game its unique look. The custom DualSense reflects this contrast well, with the bright red leaves against the black and grey background. The titular Ghost is hidden on the underside of the controller, perhaps symbolizing the internal conflict that protagonist Jin Sakai feels from fighting in the shadows. The controller is still instantly recognizable, as the artist has maintained the somewhat controversial two-tone color style of the original DualSense.

This inspiring work is brought to players thanks to TheCaliWorkshop, an online store that fulfills custom projects related to video games. This is only the latest in an ever-growing list of fan creations that celebrate the industry, including other amazing custom DualSense controllers. Video games are an art known for inspiring other art, a phenomenon that players and the industry have whole-heartedly embraced.

The industry can expect Ghost of Tsushima to continue inspiring for a long time. The game secured many Game of the Year nominations, so players can likely expect a sequel. Sucker Punch recently posted a job listing for another open-world game, so perhaps players can enjoy a continuation of the series on PlayStation 5.

With the outstanding commercial success of Ghost of Tsushima, there has clearly long been a gap in the market for spiritual samurai games based in historical Japan. But the game’s success isn’t owed only to its theme, as Tsushima is a perfect storm that combines beautiful visuals, an elegantly designed open-world, a gripping narrative, and a ruthless combat system to boot.

Completing Tsushima may leave a thirst for more slash-em-up fun, an involving story, or just a wander through an open world finding hundreds of collectibles. Here are ten games to play if you liked Ghost of Tsushima.


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