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Cuphead Fans Imagine Cuphead-Themed Restaurant

- By kellibrig
Publish Date : 2021-03-22 07:47:24
Cuphead Fans Imagine Cuphead-Themed Restaurant

One of the few silver linings of the pandemic is that many talented video game enthusiasts have a bit more time to create amazing pieces of fan art. From great Sonic the Hedgehog art to an amazing cardboard statue of Link from The Legend of Zelda, it seems fans have increased their creativity as well as their output. Of course, Cuphead's unique art style has been the source of inspiration for many pieces of fan art too, and a pair of fans on Reddit were recently inspired to create a restaurant menu based on Inkwell Isle lore.

The menu imagines dishes for the Inkwell Casino, with options such as Goopy Le Grande's Goop and Dr. Khal's Junkyard Jambalaya, both references to boss battles in Cuphead. Much like menus at real restaurants, a hot pepper is displayed beside the spicy dishes, but some Cuphead flair is added as a quote beside the peppers exclaims, "This dish will get red hot!"

The duo even created a happy hour menu with special discounted food items and some unique drinks like the Sally Stageplay's Happy Home Mai Tai. Even though Cuphead's Delicious Last Course DLC has been postponed in real life, fans can take a gander at the delicious last course section of the menu where three tasty sounding desert items are listed.

There are a lot of extremely talented Cuphead fans out there making incredible art, like the fan who re-imagined the Super Smash Bros. roster in Cuphead's art style, but the fans responsible for this hilarious menu are Redditor Halloween_Treehouse and their girlfriend. Great fan art can make players want to take their favorite games out for another spin, and while the Cuphead menu will probably do just that for a lot of gamers, the rest of them will likely be in the kitchen trying to whip up a batch of Beppi the Clown's Psycho Spin-Dip.

Everyone loves a good underdog story. To see a newcomer make it to the top amidst more experienced competition is proof that anyone can make it big with enough dedication and passion. That may very well be why indie games endear players so much: despite the odds of making it big in the video game industry, small-time developers manage to create something that matches (or even outshines) the expectations set by AAA titles.

Starting things off (in more ways than one) is Cave Story, a platforming action-adventure by one-man team Studio Pixel. Originally a free release on PC in 2004, the game remains fairly relevant, with its latest release being on the Nintendo Switch in 2017.

The game follows an amnesiac robot named Quote as he travels through a mysterious cave system and gathers a variety of weapons to fight the monsters within. Its age, as well as the near-universal praise for its gameplay and story, cause some to see Cave Story as the parent of modern indie games.

The plucky half-genie made her platforming debut on the Game Boy Color in 2002, and while her first game sold fairly poorly, it still managed to attract critical acclaim. Since then, the developers at WayForward made four sequel games that have totaled over 3 million sales; the most recent title in the series, Shantae and the Seven Sirens, released on consoles back in May 2020.


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