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Crysis Remastered Gets DLSS Support For PC

Author : kaneaswar
Publish Date : 2021-03-13 09:38:11
Crysis Remastered Gets DLSS Support For PC

Crysis Remastered released last year to high expectations and the hope that dedicated PC gamers could get it to look absolutely stunning with the right tech. Unfortunately, many gamers felt Crysis Remastered fell short of its promises, with poor shooter gameplay and graphics that wowed in some areas but failed to impress in others. Though an impressive 8K trailer for Crysis Remastered showed off improvements over the original Crysis, PC gamers immediately called for improvements to reduce the heavy load on CPUs.

The latest update to Crysis Remastered may help in this area. Along with several bug fixes, update 2.1 adds DLSS to the game. DLSS is an image upscaling technology exclusive to Nvidia graphics cards that allows for lower resolution images to be improved to a higher resolution for higher-end monitors. This means that PC gamers with Nvidia graphics cards now have an essential tool to make Crysis Remastered a much more lavish visual experience.

The graphics enhancements that DLSS allows for in Crysis Remastered are definitely an improvement, and there are more benefits to be enjoyed for PC users with older graphics cards. The DLSS boost will allow even Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics cards to exceed 60 fps with a 1440p resolution. Of course, PC owners with higher-end graphics cards may be able to push visuals even further, and should also be capable of hitting 4K output.

The DLSS enhancements fit in with other changes developer Crytek has rolled out for update 2.1. The Ascension level has been added back into the game, which runs smoothly with the DLSS added. Players can also switch nanosuit modes while in motion, and controls issues with nanosuits have been fixed. Performance stuttering when in ray-tracing mode in Crysis Remastered is mostly absent, though the game's rendering still puts a lot of pressure on the CPU. Players may have to reduce settings like shading and physics in order to keep a solid 60 fps experience.

Ultimately, the addition of DLSS to Crysis Remastered helps upgrade visuals in key areas but it can't fix all of the issues still present in the game. Crysis Remastered's last update added problems in its attempt to fix areas of the game, and it seems update 2.1 has mostly avoided this pitfall with the exception of messing with the motion blur mechanics. There are still performance issues that need to be addressed in Crysis Remastered to really sell it as a modern graphical powerhouse, but it now accesses its high-performance capabilities much more efficiently.

The original Crysis released back in 2007 and quickly became the talk of many gamers and tech enthusiasts. Crysis featured a very complex game engine at the time, and running the game at full settings was practically impossible for even the best PCs available. In 2020 developer Crytek released Crysis Remastered, and though it isn't nearly as demanding as its predecessor, Crysis Remastered has ray-tracing capabilities and has a dedicated 8K mode. But footage of another Crysis game in development has possibly leaked online, and that game is rumored to be a Crysis battle royale.

This rumored battle royale game has been discussed by Crysis fans since the end of October 2020. Leaked Crytek documents revealed the Crysis battle royale game along with a few VR titles that may be in development. The rumored title of this battle royale game is Crysis Next, and it will supposedly be "free-to-play" and allow for "100s of players" to play in the same game. No additional news has been discovered about the potential Crysis Next or what it might entail until recently, when a blurry video was discovered on 4chan that claims to be footage of the battle royale game.


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