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Civilization 6s New Portugal Leader is a Gold-Generating Powerhouse

Author : flyclirk
Publish Date : 2021-03-29 12:32:45
Civilization 6s New Portugal Leader is a Gold-Generating Powerhouse

Mansa Musa has been the top dog when it comes to Gold generation in Civilization 6 since his introduction in the Gathering Storm expansion - thanks to his Gold-printing mines and ever-growing Trade Route capacity.

However, with the recently released Portugal Pack, the final DLC of the New Frontier Pass, a new leader may be the new King of Gold: Joao III of Portugal. Thanks to a very special set of abilities, Joao III can generate a positively absurd amount of Gold, which in turn can be used to fuel nearly any victory condition he chooses.

Joao III can generate enough Gold, with the proper set-up, to almost entire phase out Production in his empire. Mansa Musa is the only other Civilization 6 Leader who can come close to Joao III's trade capacity and Gold generation. While Mansa Musa focuses heavily on his Commercial Hub replacement, the Suguba, Joao III relies heavily on a combination of both Harbors and Commercial Hubs. Joao III's Leader Ability, Porta do Cerco, grants him +1 Trade Route Capacity when meeting a Civilization for the first time. While this ability's strength is dependent on the number of other players in the lobby, it's certainly a great way to get early Trade Routes. That's not all this ability does, however. Joao III also gives all his units +1 Sight (perfect for scouting and finding those Civilizations early) in addition to having Open Borders with all City-States.

Portugal's Civilization ability is a tricky one to play around, but is the key to generating an obscene amount of Gold per turn. Portugal can only trade with cities founded on Coast or cities with a Harbor. However, to make up for this, the yields from these trade routes are increased by 50%. Additionally, traders have 50% more range over water, and can embark as soon as they are unlocked. This ability is very map-dependent. Large, land-locked maps will force Joao III to have less Trade Routes active, while water-heavy maps will let Joao III thrive and have a massive number of Trade Routes active at a time. The 50% bonus to yields turns trade routes into a MASSIVE source of Gold, Production, and Food in the game. Smart use of good Government Policy Cards and good Government choices will make Joao III thrive when he gets trade routes up and running.

Then, Portugal's unique building, improvement, and unit are all no laughing matter. His unique unit, The Nau, replaces the Caravel, and is cheaper to maintain and starts with a free promotion. However, the main specialty of the Nau is that it comes with two build charges, allowing to build Portugal's unique improvement: the Feitoria. It can only be built in foreign cities players have open border with (meaning City-States and other players). The Feitoria can only be built on a Coast or Lake tile adjacent to a Luxury or Bonus resource. These tiles add +4 Gold and +1 Production for the city it is built in, and the same bonus for any of Portugal's Trade Routes that end in that city. These can be placed all over the map to any City that Portugal is trading with to really maximize the Gold yields from that Trade Route.


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