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Civilization 6 Mod Adds Genshin Impacts Mondstadt

Author : fordxsall
Publish Date : 2021-05-25 09:35:53
Civilization 6 Mod Adds Genshin Impacts Mondstadt

Firaxis Games' Civilization 6 has remained relevant nearly five years after it released in late 2016 thanks to a host of expansions and DLC. The final free update for Civilization 6's New Frontier Pass released in April, capping off a series of new civilizations that players can choose to represent alongside various smaller additions and fixes. However, fans have also created their own new civilizations, with one recently bringing Genshin Impact's Mondstadt into the fray.

Genshin Impact, the open-world action-RPG with a gacha-based summoning system by Chinese developer miHoYo, has been very popular thanks to its gameplay, art direction, and accessibility on mobile as well as PC and PlayStation consoles. While fans are still waiting on Genshin Impact's allegedly delayed Switch port, those who have tried it out should already be familiar with the German-inspired Mondstadt, the first nation available to explore.

News site PCGamesN picked up on a Civilization 6 mod first posted to Steam Workshop on May 19 by user Kevin Liu that adds Mondstadt with three leaders: Genshin Impact characters Fischl, Barbara, and Noelle. Its anime-inspired aesthetic clashes somewhat with previous additions to Civilization 6 such as Portugal, but Liu's mod is comprehensive in that it adds unique geological locales, skins and models from Genshin Impact, as well as mechanics like a Statue of the Seven tile that instantly heals units.

Fans of both games may also be interested to know that this mod adds over 40 minutes of background music from Genshin Impact, with five-to-10 different tracks that correspond with each of Civilization 6's four eras. Given the three leaders included with the mod each offer their own specialized skills, players have plenty of room to learn various strategies if they've already grown accustomed to all of the New Frontier Pass' content.

While some argue there are still plenty of opportunities for Firaxis to expand upon Civilization 6 with a second Season Pass, it's currently unknown whether the studio is planning to go this route or move on to another project entirely. It seems silly to imagine Firaxis moving into development on a new Civilization game following all of its work on the current entry, but given how long Civilization 6 has been on the market it's likely something new will release eventually.

In the meantime, mods such as Liu's adding Genshin Impact content to the strategy game should help give it a longer lifespan. Genshin Impact itself also continues to grow with a steady stream of updates, and beyond new content miHoYo has also been working on projects such as implementing two-factor authentication to help bolster players' account security.

It's been just over a month since Civilization 6 received what might be its last DLC pack, and fans of the historical strategy series are already looking to the future. However, when considering the possibility of a Civilization 7, it's important to look back at past titles. Civ 6 first launched in 2016, taking over from Civilization 5 as the latest game in Firaxis' long-running series.

Despite the fact that each new entry into the Civilization series is essentially another approach to the same game, almost every one has its own community of die-hard supporters. It took three years after launch for Civilization 6 to exceed Civilization 5's player numbers on Steam, and while Civ 6 has proved a big success for Firaxis, there are still many fans that consider its predecessor to be the superior title.


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