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Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode Return Leaked

Author : hillgang
Publish Date : 2021-03-26 12:33:06
Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode Return Leaked

Newcomers to Call of Duty Mobile may be confused by the lack of a Zombies mode, given how it's become such an iconic aspect of the franchise. That's because a Zombies mode was included shortly after the game's launch, but was quickly removed due to it failing to meet quality standards. It was believed that it would return shortly and now it's been discovered that it's already been added to the Chinese release of the game.

The Chinese release tends to receive new updates and content ahead of everywhere else, so fans can no doubt expect the latest inclusions to arrive globally sooner rather than later. The newest update arrived on March 24 and its main focus is quite clearly the Zombies mode. Exact details of how it will work are unknown for the time being, but it has been reported that the main menu has changed for some players, with the background showing the Shi No Numa Zombies map, which suggests that it is included as well.

It's not just Zombies that Call of Duty Mobile players have to look forward to as the update also introduced a new multiplayer map called Monastery, one that is exclusive to the mobile game and hasn't appeared in any other Call of Duty title. Judging by the picture of it, it resembles a lavish villa set in a sunny locale. It doesn't look particularly big, but it's not exactly small either.

It's also believed that the game has added a prestige system for weapons. Apparently, when viewing a weapon, a progress bar can be spotted, as well as unique rewards. Nothing's confirmed but this could mean that players can upgrade their weapons to unlock more goodies like cosmetics and the like. For the time being, this is only speculation. Plus, there's admittedly no guarantee that it or any of the other new additions will be brought over to other versions of the game, although the Zombies mode seems like a safe bet given its popularity.

Call of Duty Mobile may be somewhat overshadowed by the other two current titles - Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - but it still seems to be financially successful for Activision and has contributed to the overall success of the franchise. But much like the console games, it suffers from its own bugs and glitches. For example, a recently added skin has been inadvertently turning players invisible, which Activision has said it's working on to fix.

Given how much money the Call of Duty franchise has been making Activision over the last year, the company arguably doesn't even need to release a new entry anytime soon. However, Activision has already confirmed that it intends on releasing another Call of Duty title by the end of this year, though it didn't share any other details. Since then, there have been several rumors and supposed leaks about the game's premise, but now Call of Duty fan site ModernWarzone claims to have accurate information about the setting and title.

According to its sources, the new Call of Duty is being developed by Sledgehammer Games (something ModernWarzone also claimed last month) and is currently under the working title of WWII: Vanguard. While this means that the name could very well change by the time of release, it does confirm the also previously rumored World War 2 setting, assuming the information is to be believed.


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