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Bravely Default 2: Exploration Not Working Fix

Author : areesha
Publish Date : 2021-03-02 07:30:25
Bravely Default 2: Exploration Not Working Fix

After completing Quest 001, players will gain access to Bravely Default 2's Exploration feature, which can be used to obtain a variety of items. However, this item acquisition will only occur when certain conditions have been met, and indeed fans will find that their Exploration timers are stuck at zero until that has happened. This may lead some players to believe that Explorations are not working in Bravely Default 2, and this guide is here to clarify exactly what is going on.

To put things simply, Explorations will only take place when Bravely Default 2 is open and a Switch is in Sleep Mode. For full clarity, this is achieved by confirming that the new JRPG is actively running, holding down the HOME button on the right Joy-Con, and selecting Sleep Mode. Notably, Explorations will not move forward if a player navigates to the home screen before they put their Switch to sleep, and doing that should thus be avoided at all costs.

Once these conditions have been met, Bravely Default 2 fans can confirm that their Explorations are in working order by waiting a few minutes, taking their Switch out of Sleep Mode, and checking the aforementioned timer. Indeed, that timer should have now advanced, indicating that an Exploration was in progress. With that confirmation, players should be confident in their ability to activate Explorations at their will, and they should make sure to do just that anytime that they are taking a break for the game.

To mention, there is a time limit associated with Explorations, which means that players cannot expect to receive items from them indefinitely. More specifically, items, such as EXP Orbs and JP Orbs in Bravely Default 2, will no longer be obtained after an Exploration has been ongoing for 12 hours, and fans will need to clear out their acquisitions in order to reset the timer. As such, players that want to get the most out of the feature should do their best to check-in with the game at least once each day.

One last thing to note is that JRPG fans cannot run up their Exploration timers through manipulation of a Switch's system clock, and those that try will only receive a lesson on cheating. This means that the feature cannot really be exploited, and players should thus not expect to get everything that they need through Explorations alone. Even still, it is nice to be able to gain a few items while away from Bravely Default 2, and hopefully this guide has made it possible for players to do exactly that.

Bravely Default 2 is the next in a string of games to pay homage to Square Enix's Final Fantasy. The fantasy title features many elements that are present throughout the mainline Final Fantasy games, and this spin-off series might be what helps carry the torch for classic Final Fantasy's legacy into the future.

As Bravely Default 2's release quickly approaches, currently set for February 26, 2021, many players are likely digging into the demo currently available on the Switch and checking out any new information like newest trailer revealing new jobs. As a result, it is worth taking a moment to consider how Bravely Default 2 is continuing a series that is carrying on the legacy of the classic Final Fantasy games.


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