Borderlands 3 Releases Golden Key Code for Extra Loot

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Publish Date : 2021-05-04 19:26:53
Borderlands 3 Releases Golden Key Code for Extra Loot

Since its release back in September of 2019, Borderlands 3 has released a substantial amount of additional content. From updates to full-length DLC campaigns to numerous online multiplayer events, most Borderlands 3 players tend to not be starved for new content. However, additional content can also be sporadically dictated by Gearbox Software itself.

Since the release of Borderlands 2, SHiFT codes have played an important role during active gameplay. Every so often, Gearbox will release various SHiFT codes for players to redeem in-game as a way of accessing new loot with increased rarity. Although, the latest SHiFT code that Gearbox released via Twitter gives players something much more substantial.
Over on Twitter, Gearbox Software unveiled a new SHiFT code that gives players access to three Golden Keys. Players can use these keys in-game to unlock the Golden Chest on-board Sanctuary 3. The chest is guaranteed to give players weapons or items that are at least a purple rarity, which is one rarity level below the legendary weapons. Though, players should act fast, because this SHiFT code expires on May 6th.
Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox, is known to give out SHiFT codes to players quite frequently and SHiFT codes often appear in unexpected places as well. For instance, the very first teaser trailer for Borderlands 3 had a SHiFT code hidden in the middle of it. It really goes to show how effective these SHiFT codes are in terms of allowing Gearbox to maintain an active connection with its community of players.

Borderlands has certainly managed to make a tremendous comeback with the release of Borderlands 3. The last mainline entry in the Borderlands series to release before Borderlands 3 was Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which released nearly five years before the release of Borderlands 3. Though, for many players, the wait was certainly worth it considering how much content has been made available for Borderlands 3 for players to enjoy.
The last God of War is packed full of hints that the Ragnarok sequel will have some sort of time travel plotline, just as the original trilogy's God of War 2 did. Not only is it established that the Jormungandr seen in-game was sent back in time during Ragnarok, but also that the creature is Loki's son. Since Atreus was revealed to be Loki, this makes it seem very likely that there will be some form of time manipulation at play in the plot of the next game to explain when Loki had his children.

This could easily allow for Magni, Modi, and Baldur to make appearances in the next game. Although there are plenty of Norse gods who haven't appeared in God of War so far, there are some good reasons to think that all three characters could return.
It will be interesting to see what the future holds in terms of Borderlands. It's evident that Gearbox will not be running out of SHiFT codes for Borderlands 3 anytime soon, but it's possible that there won't be any additional story content for the game in terms of DLC campaigns. Fans of the game may have to wait for another mainline entry in the series for new story content, but in the meantime, they can certainly enjoy any SHiFT codes that come their way. It certainly beats having to grind out for new loot.

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