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Blasphemous Reaches 1 Million Players

Author : piper
Publish Date : 2021-03-03 06:07:01
Blasphemous Reaches 1 Million Players

The Game Kitchen and Team17's Blasphemous just reached a rather monumental milestone. Blasphemous is a mash of genres, often being compared to the likes of Metroid and the Souls-like games. An indie-developed platformer that released first in 2019, the game has steadily grown, and Blasphemous even received free DLC last year. Now the game has reached new heights, as the challenging pixel art title just reached one million sales.

The side-scrolling aspects and heavy Catholic orthodox vibes of Blasphemous create a unique tone for the game. Blasphemous could also make a list of overlooked Souls-like games, but now that the game has sold rather well, it may not be so overlooked after all.

The team as Blasphemous sent out a video celebrating the one million player count on Twitter. Many of the team members were sent a package in the mail, so each of them was recorded receiving the mysterious box. They then opened it and were amazed to find a plaque that announced the accomplishment; Blasphemous had reached one million sales.

With the ongoing DLC, recent crossover with Bloodstained, and more, Blasphemous looks to have continual success moving forward. The one million player count is truly a great milestone, but in some ways, it may be just the start. There are certainly many indie-developed games that start one with a bang and big numbers, but there are plenty of others that build up with steady and consistent sales over time. Blasphemous could continue to grow as The Game Kitchen and Team17 continue to support the game. But now is simply a time to celebrate the success.

Although FromSoftware's Elden Ring was announced at E3 2019, there has been silence ever since leading fans to speculate about the nature of the game. The only confirmation that was given to fans was that Elden Ring would be a natural evolution to the Dark Souls franchise and it would feature an open-field setting. With no release date in sight, fans are nonetheless excited for Elden Ring because it will likely end up as a Soulslike.

Over the years, the Dark Souls franchise has transformed from a risky gamble to becoming so popular that it's generated its own subgenre within ARPGs. Featuring high-risk combat with hard-hitting enemies and sparse checkpoints, Soulslike games take the unforgiving formula laid out by Dark Souls and put their own spin on the mechanics. With anticipation behind Elden Ring building, fans looking for similar games should delve into the Soulslike genre.

The Nioh series has become one of the biggest successes in the Soulslike genre and for good reason. Developed by Team Ninja, Nioh has players take control of a samurai in a fictionalized, dark fantasy version of feudal Japan. Though Nioh had been stuck in development since 2004, it was revived and reimagined following the success of the Dark Souls franchise. Featuring a combat system heavily influenced by the Dark Souls games, Nioh allows players to fight with melee, ranged, or magic attacks and chain together combos to fight enemies and bosses. Like Dark Souls games, the player will drop their EXP upon death and are only given one chance to retrieve them. Should they die again before reaching that point, the EXP is lost forever.


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