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Biomutant Gets Flashy New Combat Trailer

- By wildbearkim
Publish Date : 2021-03-26 11:38:58
Biomutant Gets Flashy New Combat Trailer

There are many new games out there with innovative and fun combat, and Biomutant is shaping up to be one such game. Since the game debuted at Gamescom 2017, every bit of news coverage and gameplay video for Biomutant has been showing off more of what the game has to offer.

Most of the news for Biomutant tends to display more and more of the game's open-world, gameplay mechanics, combat, and character customization. Recently, a new trailer dropped for the post-apocalyptic game which focuses on the game's combat. However, this trailer shows off even more of the flashier aspects of the game's combat compared to previous gameplay videos.

Past Biomutant videos haven't shied away from showing gameplay, especially when it comes to showing off the game's martial-arts inspired combat used by the mutant protagonist. This new trailer goes a bit further and shows off just about everything in regards to the game's combat. It starts with the character bouncing a bubble full of enemies stuck on it, pops it, then unleashes devastating gunfire on them. And that's just the beginning of the video.

From there, the video continues to show off more of Biomutant's core combat gameplay. It includes some of the game's gun combos, mid-air melee combos, shooting enemies while moving on top of water, piloting a large industrial mech, and more. The trailer even shows off some elemental weapons, such as a staff with electrical properties that shocks enemies when it hits them, as well as a flaming sword that burns enemies upon contact.

The trailer shows some of Bimoutant's martial-arts combo style when the mutant protagonist performs one on a much larger enemy. On top of that, the trailer shows off a new power where the player character appears to be wielding darkness to defeat a large mutant enemy with one strike. However, it's unclear if the dark ability is that powerful or if it was used as the final blow after wearing the big creature down. The trailer concludes by revealing that Biomutant is available for pre-order now before the game's official release.

The video also shows a new Mercenary Class pre-order bonus for players who pre-order the game. However, the trailer doesn't reveal much about the new class in terms of information or gameplay. There is a quick scene at the end. But it doesn't show much other than the character looking at the screen. Overall, the trailer shows that there are still fun surprises in store for players looking forward to Biomutant when it releases this May.

After an immensely long silence, the unique action RPG Biomutant is set to release this year. Even though it's the first game from Swedish developer Experiment 101, Biomutant seems like an adventure seeded with some promising new features that could set it apart from other games in the genre.

Dubbed as a "post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable," Biomutant will have players traversing a humungous open world through the eyes of an endearing fuzzy creature that is fully customizable. At its core, Biomutant is a true RPG that features a branching storyline, a karma system, flexible combat, and most notably an extensive character customization suite.


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