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Best Battle Royale Games Playable on PlayStation

Author : pak
Publish Date : 2021-05-05 11:22:59
Best Battle Royale Games Playable on PlayStation

Battle Royales have shot near the top of the food chain when it comes to the most popular game genre, and for good reason: there are a ton of great games in the Battle Royale space. Many of the games in this genre are free, though things didn't necessarily start this way when PUBG was the king that skyrocketed the genre.

The games on this list have a pretty wide variety of hooks, ranging from hero-shooters to third-person spellcasting to cartoon game hows. Here are the best Battle Royale games players can play on their PlayStation console.

First on this list is one of the Battle Royale mainstays for the past couple of years. Apex Legends is a hero shooter, where each player selects a Legend to play every match. These Legends each have unique abilities, including a passive, tactical, and an ultimate ability. Apex has a bit more movement to it than some of the other Battle Royales, which shouldn't come as a surprise when it takes place in the same universe as Titanfall. Apex just entered season 9, and is bombastic and often over the top, adding to its charm.

Warzone is Call Of Duty's newest Battle Royale, and it's been leaps and bounds more successful than Blackout was. Warzone seems to be the link between all of the Call of Duty's now too, since the newest Black Ops dropped and caused a big Warzone update, instead of an entirely new Battle Royale replacement. Unlike Apex Legends, Warzone has solos and quads, alongside duos and trios. One of the most unique aspects of Warzone is the ability to use completely custom weapons and loadouts, built in the gunsmith and acquirable through loadout drops.

Fortnite is the oldest game on this list, and was one of the most unique early entries into the genre. Fortnite has building mechanics, allowing players to build structures throughout the match either for cover or for maneuvering where they want/need to go. Fortnite might not have the best shooting mechanics, but the unique building and constant influx of interesting events keep players coming back year after year.

Probably the least known game on this is, Spellbreak has a lot of interesting things going for it. Instead of guns, players in Spellbreak use gauntlets, which have a couple of different abilities each. These abilities vary drastically between gauntlets and often have pretty interesting interactions with each other. Striking water with a lightning bolt, for instance, electrifies the water, dealing AoE damage. Spellbreak recently entered Chapter 2, and is one of the more creative games on this list, arguably deserving a bigger player count than it has.

Fall Guys is a pretty big departure from the other games on this list, but it still qualifies as a Battle Royale game and is certainly one of the best in the business. Fall Guys is constructed like a game show, and the players are the contestants. The game is structured into rounds, and each round is a different minigame, ranging from obstacle courses to team-based efforts. The games are ridiculous, the style of everything is cute, and overall, Fall Guys is a very unique and seriously good time.


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