Baron Zemo Commands Hawkeye, Black Widow & Sabretooth in Comic Preview

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Publish Date : 2021-05-04 12:39:47
Baron Zemo Commands Hawkeye, Black Widow & Sabretooth in Comic Preview

Marvel's Heroes Reborn event is nearly here, depicting a new timeline in which the Avengers never formed, and Baron Zemo runs a new team that boasts Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Sabretooth as members! Beginning May 5 with Heroes Reborn #1, with oversized finale issue Heroes Return #1 coming June 23, the event depicts an entire alternate history in which the Avengers seem to have been specifically targeted by an unknown, reality-warping force - only Blade remembers the world as it should be, sending him on a mission to fix a world in which the villainous Squadron Supreme are Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

In a world where Thor never lifted his hammer, Iron Man never made his armor, and Captain America remains on ice, it seems Baron Zemo will be even more formidable, gathering many of the Marvel Universe's most skilled villains into the Siege Society. One of the joys of Heroes Reborn is how the event depicts an entire alternate history - one in which Power Princess killed two Avengers in her definitive act of heroism, and Wakanda is a hidden society ruled by T'Challa, the Ronin King. In this history's Civil War, Nighthawk - Marvel's Batman analog - left the Squadron Supreme to form his own team in Europe, and the Siege Society are here to take them out of the equation.

In exclusive pages shared by Comic Book Resources, Zemo leads a team including X-Men villain Sabretooth, non-Avengers Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Ant-Man, new villain the Silver Witch, and a US Agent stand-in who CBR identifies as Captain Zemo. What's interesting about this team is that each of its "Avengers" first entered the comics as a villain (or, in Scott Lang's case, at least a criminal), suggesting that in the reality of Heroes Reborn, Natasha and Clint continued on their path into darkness without the acceptance of the Avengers. Sabretooth is a particularly surprising addition, particularly because the reality of Heroes Reborn has already been confirmed to have its own mutant resistance. The summary for Heroes Reborn: Siege Society #1 reads:

    BLACK WIDOW & HAWKEYE LEAD AN ASSAULT ON THE SQUADRON! After the Civil War that split the Squadron Supreme in half, Nighthawk formed his own Squadron in Europe. But not all of Europe is okay with it. Baron Zemo has put together his own team to take them down. Who’s on this team? Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Scott Lang and Victor Creed. The Squadron doesn’t stand a chance.

Heroes Reborn: Siege Society #1 - from Cody Ziglar and Paco Medina, with cover art by Ken Lashley and a variant cover from Marcelo Ferriera - will see Natasha and Clint take on Nighthawk's European team. In the world of Heroes Reborn, the Squadron Supreme are strictly American heroes, presiding over the Land of the Free while the rest of the world is left to fend for itself. This is likely why not all of Europe is happy with Nighthawk's splinter team, which may be read as an attempt to spread the Squadron's authority beyond America's borders - perhaps giving Zemo's new team the "Siege" part of its title.

More than just an alternate history, Heroes Reborn is a reality subject to extreme tampering that denies former Avengers their heroism, but not their lives. While fans already suspect that Mephisto is the big bag behind the event, Heroes Reborn: Siege Society will focus on a clash between two genius villains with very different agendas, as Nighthawk's offshoot Squadron face off against Zemo's new Society. But with muscle like Sabretooth and what appears to be a Communist US Agent (a flip the original would loathe), and brains and skill brought by Hawkeye and Black Widow, Nighthawk will have to be at the top of his game to take on Zemo's dark new team when the forty-page one-shot Heroes Reborn: Siege Society #1 drops in May.

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