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Arma 3 Getting Vietnam Expansion S.O.G. Prairie Fire

Author : haolenjokes
Publish Date : 2021-04-10 08:56:58
Arma 3 Getting Vietnam Expansion S.O.G. Prairie Fire

The second round of Arma 3 Creator DLC has been officially announced and will see players heading back in time to the Vietnam War. Arma 3 Creator DLC S.O.G. Prairie Fire, set in the Vietnam War era, promises an authentic representation of the 20-year conflict with multiple historically accurate forces.

The core of the newly announced content is a multiplayer co-op campaign familiar to many Arma 3 players, set from the perspective of an American special forces group. The story mode is designed for up to 14 players.

Mil-sim fans wanting more free-form large-scale warfare will have plenty to engage with as well, as the DLC promises a sizable expansion to the game's sandbox with assets usable in all forms of play. With rumors around Battlefield 6 pointing towards near-future warfare, this could be the biggest historical FPS release for a while after Call of Duty: Cold War.

There are additional single-player missions to acclimatize players to the DLC's factions and weaponry- while also serving as an introduction to the infamously hellish jungle warfare of the conflict. The announcement especially makes note of S.O.G. Prairie Fire's immersive sound design, capitalizing on the tension built by the low visibility throughout the Vietnamese jungles. Players of DayZ, originally a massively popular mod based on Arma 2, will feel right at home sneaking through the underbrush.

The player base of Arma 3 has not seen any official expansions since 2019's prior Creator DLC Global Mobilization- Cold War Germany, and with a slated release date of Q2 2021, the year and a half content drought is soon to be over. This isn't to say Arma 3 players have been left wanting for new battlefields.- the Steam Workshop has the means to make Arma into a quasi-realistic Halo title.

S.O.G Prairie Fire marks the thirteenth official piece of downloadable content for Bohemia Interactive's mil-sim shooter, notable as the second content pack made by a third party. S.O.G Prairie Fire is developed by Savage Game Design, with this upcoming content marking its official Steam debut.

Historical accuracy isn't something that is usually associated with the video gaming industry. Many developers play fast and loose with factual accuracy, in favor of creating an enjoyable playing experience. However, this started to change when the gaming industry became a leading form of media. Many gamers began showing interest in developers implementing education into their games. Making their guilty pleasure hobby feel significantly less guilty.

Even AAA titles like the Assassins Creed series now actively encourages gamers to learn more about the eras that they are playing in. This is predominantly achieved by adding notes or diary entries as collectibles. These collectibles add factual context to the game, not only teaching gamers but also increasing their in-game immersion.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an adventure RPG developed by Warhorse Studios. The gameplay focused heavily on realism.  Players need to eat, drink and sleep to stay healthy. Furthermore, armor, clothing, and perishable food deteriorate as time passes.

The game is set in the early 1400s Kingdom of Bohemia, also known as the Czech Kingdom. Despite having a huge open world, the developer's ensured that the environment was filled with historically accurate weapons, characters, and buildings.


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