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Apex Legends Players Call for a Change to Mobile

Author : Gildahollars284
Publish Date : 2021-05-26 08:46:06
Apex Legends Players Call for a Change to Mobile

Destiny 2 has recently seen the return of the Vault of Glass raid, with a huge influx of players jumping in to try to clear the raid during Bungie's World First Contest Mode challenge. Vault of Glass was not only the first raid introduced to the original Destiny, it was also one of the game's most popular, and the Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle was an item drop that helped to solidify that popularity, being a fan-favorite weapon.
YouTuber Ehroar demonstrated the Destiny 2 version of the weapon on their channel, showing that the linear fusion shot comes close to one-shotting a Vex Hydra or Fallen Servitor, with each shot using up two pips of Overcharge, giving the player three linear fusion shots to play with once the gun is fully charged from mob kills. While harder enemies give more Overcharge than weaker ones, Ehroar suggests that you will likely want to max out your Overcharge by taking out smaller mobs and then use your linear fusion shots on larger enemies and bosses, if you want to be efficient.

While the Vex Mythoclast may not become Destiny 2's most powerful weapon, it still looks strong enough to be an asset to a lot of players in PVE, especially with how quickly it gains Overcharge stacks during combat. Combined with the ability to gain extra stability per Overcharge stack with the weapon's catalyst, players who enjoy Destiny 2's PvP mode on console ports of the game may be able to get some use out of the weapon as well.

One of the big new features that Apex Legends brought to the battle royale genre when it launched was the ability for players to bring their killed squadmates back into the game. Many Apex Legends players are now calling for a small change that could make the process much easier on players jumping into queues alone.

The call for change is concerned with Apex Legends' Mobile Respawn Beacons. At launch, players had to retrieve a player's banner and take it to one of multiple respawn beacons scattered across the map. Last year, however, Apex Legends added a mobile respawn beacon item that allows players to call in a respawn beacon in a similar way to how Apex Legends' medic character Lifeline's ultimate ability works.

The Vex Mythoclast was originally obtained by clearing the Vault of Glass raid on Hard Mode, and much of its popularity stemmed from its uniquely high rate of fire for a fusion rifle, as players were able to benefit from fully automatic fire as well as utilizing fusion rifle armor perks. With players now discovering that the weapon is available as a drop from normal mode clears in Destiny 2's version of Vault of Glass, it is fairly likely that the weapon will be a popular pickup once again.
With the weapon's inclusion in Destiny 2, there have been a few changes to how it operates. The new version of the Mythoclast has two different firing modes, with players able to use the standard firing mode to kill enemies and gain 'Overcharge' stacks. Once the player reaches the maximum six Overcharge stacks, indicated by square pips on their HUD, they will be able to use the secondary linear fusion shot mode, which does a decent chunk of damage per shot.



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