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Alien: Isolation Will Be Free on Epic Games Store This Week

Author : runracegun
Publish Date : 2021-04-23 13:56:19
Alien: Isolation Will Be Free on Epic Games Store This Week

Survival horror games are arguably experiencing a golden age at this moment. With Resident Evil Village just around the corner, horror is likely to be on a lot of gamers' minds and with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which franchises to play. Fortunately, there is one highly-ranked game that fans can now get hold of for free this week, Alien: Isolation.

Last week, it was announced that Alien: Isolation would be free to download on the Epic Games Store shortly, and now that time has come. In a recent report, Epic announced that the sci-fi horror experience that helped save the Alien franchise after some disappointing adaptations, along with one other game, will be on sale until April 29th, which is next Thursday. For those wondering, the other game that is currently free on Epic Games Store is Hand of Fate 2, a dungeon crawler released in 2017 by Defiant Development and a game that could not be any different from Alien Isolation.

Considered not only an excellent stealth horror game with some beautiful aesthetics, Alien Isolation is also a love letter to the film it's adapted from, paying respect and homage to the original Ridley Scott flick that kick-started the series. The game also saw a documentary being made about it, which centered around its development and the team behind it, Creative Assembly. Arguably, one of the studio's most troubling hurdles was undoing the controversy that was 2013's Alien: Colonial Marines, by Gearbox Software, which was plagued with misleading gameplay footage and received poor reviews overall.

With Alien Isolation coming out in 2014, talk has been going around about a possible sequel. As of this article going live, there are currently no known plans to make and release Alien: Isolation 2, but the fact that people are asking for it suggests there is still a lot more potential in Creative Assembly's addition to the science fiction franchise. Sadly, it seems that Alien is effectively on a hiatus and has been since Disney bought 20th Century Fox in 2019, with the latest installment in the series being 2017's somewhat lackluster Alien Covenant.

As of now, gamers who have yet to experience the horror have an opportunity to get hold of a free copy of Alien: Isolation for a limited time. With its sense of atmosphere and dread, and the cat-and-mouse gameplay between protagonist Amanda and the infamous Xenomorph, many will come to understand why it consistently makes the list of top horror games.

Alien: Isolation released way back in 2014, and while it wasn't an initial financial success, it was a massive hit for fans of the horror genre and for fans of the Alien franchise. Over time, the game grew to sell over two million copies, leaving players wondering: where's the sequel? Alien: Isolation was not only a beloved game, but it was a beloved entry into the Alien franchise, something that is absolutely not always the case. The debacle that was Aliens: Colonial Marines was not received well by much of anybody, and there are plenty of divisive movies in the Alien franchise, as well.


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