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5 MCU Supporting Characters Who Stole The Show

Author : Abbiestanek48
Publish Date : 2021-05-23 12:49:31
5 MCU Supporting Characters Who Stole The Show

While people go to see Marvel movies for the heroes and their adventures, those characters wouldn't make the same type of impact without their extensive supporting casts. Luckily, Marvel has just as much luck at creating these lovable supporting characters as they do in bringing people like Thor and Captain America to the big screen.

Marvel frequently creates supporting characters who are there to help the heroes on their journey to save the world. While these side characters often don’t get as much development as their superhuman counterparts, they still manage to make a big impact on fans with the little amount of screentime they have. These supporting roles are often filled by talented actors with a penchant for bringing in grade-A comedy and last-minute lifesavers whenever need be, adding to the overall greatness of each and every Marvel film.
The first side character who managed to steal the show is Luis, the best friend and former cellmate of the MCU’s very own Scott Lang. Luis appeared in both Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp, making the already humorous films even better with his extremely detailed and long-winded storytelling. Luis’ storytelling was a crucial moment in both the first and second installments of the Ant-Man franchise, because it was his information that brought the action to Scott and the rest of his crew.

Luis gave Scott the idea to break into Hank Pym’s house and stumble upon the Ant-Man suit in the first movie and he served as a catalyst for the epic showdown with Ghost that took place in the second film. Even though Luis can stir up trouble by talking too much, his witty commentary is what adds a whole new layer of charm to the franchise. Ant-Man fans will never forget when Luis not-so-subtly pitched the idea of having his own suit to Hope, or how he lived his superhero dreams while racing down the streets of San Francisco in an epic car chase with the bad guys in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Luis’ childlike joy in driving a car with purple paint and flames decorating the sides was something fans will never forget, especially since the car came out of a plastic case and looked a lot like something out of a Hot Wheels commercial. Luis is always there whenever the heroes need him most, but more importantly, he’s always there to give viewers a good laugh.
Sticking with the theme of the funny best friend, Ned Leeds from Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home also takes the cake for one of the MCU’s funniest supporting characters. Ned’s dumbfounded look when he discovers that Peter is Spider-Man was one of the most laughable scenes from the first movie, and his incessant questions about what Peter can or cannot do definitely made viewers chuckle.

Like Luis, Ned gets his crime-fighting BFF into some trouble but makes up for it when it counts. Ned sparked some issues by telling everyone at school that Peter and Spider-Man are friends, but being Peter’s “guy in the chair” is Ned’s way of saying sorry.
Another Spider-Man fan favorite is Happy Hogan, who first appeared in the Iron Man trilogy as Tony Stark’s right-hand man. Given his close relationship with Tony, it makes sense that he would only trust Happy to keep an eye on Peter and make sure he doesn't put himself in too much danger.

Watching Happy struggle to take on the challenge of child hero guardian and hide his relationship with Aunt May from the web-slinging teenager he's supposed to be protecting brings more humor into the film. Happy might be a supporting character, but his ability to keep both Tony Stark and Peter Parker under control (for the most part) doesn't go unappreciated by fans.


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