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When should you outsource your accounting?

Author : dmtsheraz
Publish Date : 2021-05-26 10:06:37
When should you outsource your accounting?

Are you a business owner who manages his own accounts, and you have the feeling that it is time to call on a chartered accountant for this mission? This is undoubtedly the right decision to make: it will allow you to concentrate on the essentials and gain serenity. When are the lights green to outsource accounting? Is it better to outsource all or part of its accounting? Here is an overview of the outsourcing of its accounting.

Signs it's time to outsource your accounting

Calling on a chartered accountant is not a legal obligation, but many VSEs and SMEs use it. Here's why.

Your activity will change scale

As your business grows and grows, the option of outsourcing its accounting should be considered. More than 80% of French companies thus outsource their accounting, 99% of which are made up of very small businesses / SMEs. If your entity changes legal status, this is a sure sign. For example, you go from a micro-enterprise to the creation of a company.

You have created a company with a certain scale

And if you are the creator of a company, a startup that has ambitions and will hire employees, think from the start of outsourcing your accounting to benefit from a complete mastery of accounting rules, financial projections and targeted advice.

You waste too much time and energy in accounting

Let's put the status and scope of your business aside for a moment. If accounting is a puzzle for you, you waste precious time on it and the work of the figures wastes your energy, you will be a wise business manager by delegating your accounting to an external service provider. Feel free to try outsourcing for a year.

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The special case of the auto-entrepreneur

Self-employed, it is generally not necessary to outsource your accounting. You can remain in control, given the few obligations incumbent on you. To gain all the same in simplicity and efficiency in keeping your recipe book (and if applicable, your expense book), for your quotes and invoices, we recommend using online software: many are free. If, however, you are subject to VAT , you may be interested in the advice of a chartered accountant.

The advantages of outsourcing

As an entrepreneur, you will reap three main benefits of outsourced bookkeeping. First of all, time. Accounting is a complex activity: if you are no longer responsible for it, you will free up many hours and be able to devote yourself to your core business.

The second benefit of outsourced accounting, provided you use a chartered accountant registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants, is peace of mind. Please note, your accountant must hold an official diploma and be registered in the professional register. You can verify this with the Regional Council of the Order.

Finally, you will gain strategic vision thanks to financial forecasts established by your expert, precise indicators, and if you wish advice that your accountant can give you.

Outsource all or part of your accounting?

Depending on your situation and the legal status of your company, it may not be necessary to outsource all of your accounting.

Indeed, as a manager of a very small business or a small business, in general you can take care of your daily accounting and call on a chartered accountant for your annual balance sheet. If your accounting needs are important, there is too much complexity, or even if accounting is a time-consuming or arduous workstation for you, do not hesitate to make the decision to outsource all of your work. your accounting.

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