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What is the speed safety in UAE?

- By litaann
Publish Date : 2021-04-13 07:33:58
What is the speed safety in UAE?

Dubai is a melting point of various nationalities and cultures - therefore despite healthy road infrastructure, driving style and traffic conditions can be rather unpredictable.

That said, the UAE road traffic authority has put strict traffic regulations and regulations, along with a hi-tech detection system and a decent fine to enforce regulations.

When in Dubai, here are some essential road safety rules that you must know:

Basic norm


The minimum age for law driving in Dubai is 18 years. Before rotating 21, the driver must update their license every year, and after that every 10 years.


1. While every street has a set cutoff, referenced on signs along the street stretch, proficient safety driver in Abu Dhabi can have a reasonable thought of what as far as possible maybe with the accompanying principles: If you are in the stopping region or administration street, the most extreme speed limit is 25 km/hour.

2. It is very important to ensure that drivers carry valid Abu Dhabi licenses, along with insurance and registration papers that are relevant to them at all times. For commercial vehicles, the driver must also have relevant permits and permits.

3..Abu Dhabi follows the right drive system, with the steering wheel on the left and driving on the right side of the road. Thus, overtaking left out from the left.


Critical road safety regulations


4. The speed limit is clearly determined and very seriously enforced in Dubai.

In general, the speed limit ranges between 60KMPH-80KMPH for urban areas, 100KMPH-120KPH for highways, and 40kmph for residential areas. Defraugter must pay a fine depending on the severity of the violation.

E.g., if the driver is found to exceed the speed limit of more than 60 kept, the AED 2000 fine and the vehicle foreclosure for 30 days is enforced. A similar subtle will apply to accidental racing or driving recklessly.

5. It is important to note that the minimum speed limit is equally important and strictly enforced as the maximum speed limit. The Dubai road is large and has a variety of vehicles - including a 4 × 4 giant and a sports car. Driving is too slow to block regular traffic and can even cause accidents.

6. Drunk driving is considered a serious crime, and those who are found guilty may have to face the cancellation of their SIM and insurance, along with a fine that is quite decided by the court.

7. Belts are compulsory for everyone in the car, including children. A child under 4 must have a child safety belt.

8. For safety purposes, it is important that passengers in the front seat are at least 10 years old and 145 cm high.

9. The government is very common in Dubai, and from both sides of the road. Someone must ensure that the mirror of the back and side functions and maintains a fast vehicle watah. However, the rules are very strict - overtaking on a hard shoulder can withdraw a decent fine.

10. Drivers must keep the distance after safe and apply the rule of 3 seconds: their vehicle must be 3 seconds from the one in front. Tailgating is considered a violation and can withdraw a fine.

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