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What Is A Digital Agency And What Functions Does It Perform

- By Harvirguerra
Publish Date : 2021-04-25 13:30:15
What Is A Digital Agency And What Functions Does It Perform

Digital agency - what is it? Typically, when organizations want to make their brand more recognizable in the market and increase the number of sales, they turn to digital agencies. Since it is these agencies that position themselves as a team of professionals who know how to develop websites, set up targeted advertising, as well as context and create competent digital strategies to promote the resource and build brand reputation. Let's take a closer look at this important position in the IT field.

Digital Agency

A digital agency is a studio that deals with certain types of activities in the field of information technology. The word "digital" is translated as "digital". Accordingly, the full translation is a digital agency.

Agencies of this type specialize in the creation of non-template sites with "clean" code, their web design, further content filling, the formation of digital strategies, SEO optimization, SMM promotion, application development, increasing the reach of the target audience, analytical work, the development of a sales funnel, the formation of "viral content", which becomes known through natural growth and re-posts.

Of course, these are far from all types of activities that a digital agency can be engaged in. We have listed the most basic examples, let's look at some of them in more detail.
What do digital agencies do

Despite the fact that digital agencies provide various IT services for creating, promoting sites and increasing sales, many studios work in one or two directions. Since, this makes it possible to keep a small staff of employees and follow the news only in your industry, and not the entire IT world as a whole.

However, our Portland digital agency does not adhere to these views - we provide a comprehensive range of services. Let's take a look at what digital agencies can do, using our example.

  1. Development of sites - we consider that in terms of work on creating a site, the entire list of tasks should be undertaken by one agency. That is, one studio should be engaged in conducting a preliminary analysis of the customer's industry, prototyping, design, layout and further testing.
  2. Otherwise, later on, a product may turn out that will not bring the desired result. First of all, this will happen due to the fact that difficulties may arise with the transfer of information about what the previous company was doing to a new contractor.
  3. Internet marketing - we are engaged in the formation of digital strategies, SEO-optimization, SMM-promotion, setting up various types of advertising on the Internet, as well as analyzing the effectiveness of the results brought by marketing tools that were used during the promotion of the resource.
  4. Branding - when forming a new brand, first of all, you should pay attention to three important criteria: name, elements of identity and brand positioning in general.

As a rule, it is with these elements that a potential client comes across in the first place, while getting to know the company and its product. In other words, the development of a logo, corporate identity, naming, slogan, font, positioning - all this is aimed at making the client remember the nonsense of an organization selling its product or service.

  • Applications - we develop applications for iOS and Android. We form the interface design, develop an ecosystem guideline and a prototype of the product itself, and also promote it.
  • Outsourcing - in our IT company, outsourcing services include: technical support, training of company employees, placing an order, implementation of CRM systems, maintenance of sites and applications, as well as setting up various servers.

We examined what a digital agency is and what it does, let's now take a look at what a full cycle digital agency is.
What is a full cycle digital agency

All digital studios are exceptional in their own way. They can be both highly specialized and general. The peculiarities of a full-cycle digital agency are that it can perform all of the above works in an integrated manner.

What we mean is that very often an IT company that provides a large list of various services is not able to carry out the entire process "from and to". For example, one department initially develops a site, but with its further promotion or the creation of an adaptive application, difficulties may arise due to problems with delegating responsibilities, transferring information from the customer to the executor of a certain stage of work, and managerial qualities in general.

From the outside it may seem that there is nothing difficult in this, however, this is a misconception, since many specialists participate in these processes, working solely with the aim of optimizing the work of the agency's employees. We know this from personal experience, since Prostudio is a full-service agency cycle. Such as project manager, project manager, art director, technical director, senior developer, QA engineer and many others.

It is this quality that distinguishes a full-cycle digital agency - it provides a comprehensive list of services and can develop and promote a project from scratch without resorting to the help of contractors.
How internet marketing differs from digital marketing

Many customers confuse two terms that are similar in meaning: "marketing agency" and "digital agency", one is not completely identical. Let's see what the differences are between them. Internet marketing is aimed directly at online promotion of resources. That is, any communication with buyers or potential clients occurs exclusively on the Internet or via cellular communication.The key difference between marketing companies is that they are aimed at working specifically with the target audience of the client's organization. That is, they are not involved in increasing brand loyalty and awareness. Digital marketing includes a wider range of services. In other words, in this area we are talking about various methods of promoting, sometimes going beyond, work on the Internet. For example, the development of banners on cars with a QR code, media connection in the news on TV, social polls, offline promotions, and so on.

Also, in some cases, digital marketing can work not only with the target audience of the customer's company, but also with users who have similar interests and hobbies, who can become buyers, with a properly developed digital strategy.
How to name and promote a digital advertising agency in internet marketing

As you might have guessed, there are many types of ad agencies:

  • · Digital agency;
  • · Marketing agency;
  • · Creative agency;
  • · art studio;

However, the question is how to promote them on the Internet? In fact, there are practically no differences from the promotion of any company or customer's product. The principles of work are completely similar.

1. Website development. If we are talking about a digital studio, as a rule, this is the creation of a corporate website or landing page.

2. Brand formation.

3. Development of a digital strategy and further work to promote the resource.

A very hackneyed phrase "as you name the ship, so it will float", but it is relevant to this day. When thinking about a name, you should think through and take into account many details, such as: brand positioning, the list of services provided, your target audience, your potential audience and your concept of communication with customers.

In fact, there are quite a few more to list, if you are really interested in exactly how to name your digital agency and then register a trademark, we recommend reading our articles: “How did the name of Prostudio agency appear” and how we registered a trademark. We have tried to give brief and meaningful information about the distinctive features of our specifics. If you have any questions or have something to add on the material you have read, write to us in the comments, and we will definitely give you feedback.

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