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Warning Mat: Choosing the Right One for Your Needs

Author : kumarshailend
Publish Date : 2021-04-11 18:54:08
Warning Mat: Choosing the Right One for Your Needs

Underground warning mats have key usages in several industrial genres. They are a colored plastic mesh used for making underground burial materials. They consist of a polyethylene composition and are tested for OSHA standards. Their bright visibility quotient warns excavators about the utilities beneath and to stop digging in.

Traditionally, they consist of a warning message that allows workers excavating the site to take it as a signal. They entail the underlying buried pipelines, cables, and optic fibers. 

The following are some characteristics of warning mats. 

  • Used underground, they are manufactured from virgin homopolymer polypropylene. 
  • They are custom printed with cautionary text manufactured as per your requirements and minimum order quantities. 
  • They are available in any size, color, or language manufactured to your specification. 

Underground warning mats ensure the safety of the excavation crew while suggesting the underlying structure. For companies, such carpets save money that organizations would otherwise spend if the cables and wires beneath were damaged from accidental digging. 

It serves as a lifetime protection system that keeps your underground electric lines safe from unnecessary damage and resulting repair expenses. During digging, such mats will alert workers to stop searching immediately and ensure their safety. 

What are the advantages of using warning mats?

There are several reasons why organizations invest in such warning mats and why they must be installed. For instance, there is a crew at work, and their job is to dig deep into the ground. Since they have no idea of lies underneath, they will direct their workers to go as deep as possible. 

Now, it might be possible that there is a network of cables, fibers, and lines running below and the only way you can know about them is if they have been appropriately marked. With a warning mat, workers could read the message below and stop digging. However, they would have dug deep in its absence, damaging the underground lines, requiring a considerable investment to fix it, and endangering their own lives. 

High-visibility mats caution a worker: 

Mostly, these mats come in yellow and black or red and black color. Since these colors have a high visibility index, they are easily viewed by the human eye from a distance. Such high visibility ensures that the workers consider it, decipher its color code, and understand the utilities that lie beneath. 

They include a cautionary message: 

Most warning mats include an alerting sign or a warning sign to caution the workers about the dangers that lie ahead. Such warning mats improve the productivity and safety of the excavation crew. 

These are long-lasting:

Such warning mats are a non-adhesive material, resistant to heat, dust, water, tension, stress, and rodents. So, they stay the same for several years, alerting workers about the underground wires and cables. Their resistance property is one reason why organizations invest in such products to ensure everyone's safety and security.

They are affordable:

Several warning tape manufacturers in the region provide affordably tested and quality warning mats required for the process.

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