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Publish Date : 2021-10-31 05:48:21

The road work signs that keep you safe on Australian roads are everywhere. They're designed with both drivers and pedestrians in mind, meaning they have national guidelines for each state but also offer locally unique signage depending on where one travels throughout Australia.

The three types of road signs are Regulatory, Warning, and Information. This article will explore what they mean and provide some unique state-by-state tips for your driving holiday!


Regulatory signs are the most important because they relate to specific road rules. You can usually identify this type of sign by its color, either red or black text on a white background. Disobeying these signs can lead to a fine, or your license can be suspended or canceled.

Speed Signs:

These indicate the maximum speed you can travel on each stretch of road. They play an essential role in everyone's safety. Breaking the speed limit can lead to a heavy penalty.

School zone:

School zones are special speed limit zones outside schools under the NSW Road Rules. When these signs are in place, you must drive no more than 40 kilometers per hour between certain times of the day. These areas may also have flashing lights when school children are crossing, or waiting to cross the road during the controlled time.

Give Way:

This sign gives you the freedom to proceed after you have checked the way is clear. You don't need to stop if there is no traffic.

Stop Signs:

These signs are placed at intersections of roads where one has a higher volume of traffic. This sign indicates that you must stop completely, and give way to all the traffic.

Traffic flow signs:

These signs are used to indicate the direction of traffic flow. When you see this sign, make sure that you travel in the same order. These include restricted turns, no entry, one-way, two-ways, etc.


This indicates a clear no-parking area during the peak hours of traffic. After peak hours, vehicles can be parked around in dedicated places.

Parking Signs:

Make sure you follow these signs to avoid getting fined for breaking them! 'No Parking' means that parking is not allowed at any time, while 'No Standing' tells drivers they cannot stop there longer than five minutes (or whatever length of time it says). There are also restricted zones for buses or loading purposes—make use of those wisely so as not to get ticketed.


Warning signs are used when there is an upcoming hazard or a road condition. These usually yellow with black writing signs should be given extra attention.


These warn us about upcoming conditions like sharp turns, winding roads, or wildlife, etc.


They warn drivers about temporary hazards like fallen trees or rocks, road works, intersections, and junctions that require attention.


These black and white signs are for us to reach quickly and safely. Informing us about the speed camera, change in speed limits, guides, and route markers. You should slow down and pay attention to any of these signs.

The best way to stay safe on the roads is by following all road work signs. This will keep you alert, which in turn allows for a safer commute home or wherever else your car may take you!

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