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Top Job Posting Sites in Sri Lanka

Author : Eazl9
Publish Date : 2021-07-30 10:37:07
Top Job Posting Sites in Sri Lanka

The Top Ten Job Portals in Sri Lanka. Finding work that is beneficial to you should be your top priority. There are many job portals that allow job seekers to find work opportunities in Sri Lanka today, but it used to be that people had to "know someone" to refer them to job openings or to look through classified sections of newspapers. In fact, those were times when government jobs were the only viable option for many skilled Sri Lankans.


Multinational enterprises have grown significantly in Sri Lanka due to economic liberalization. There are many enterprises in almost all sectors with large workforces. Talented professionals will be needed to work in these companies.

Job Sites in Sri Lanka

There has been an increase in the number and quality of job portals.

There are many job portals online that offer job listings. There are many options. It is easy to get overwhelmed. Here are 10 of the most popular job search portals in Sri Lanka.

There are many more, but this list should be a good place to start when you're looking for a job.

1. 1.

Chathum Henegama, who was the Head of Technology at Davton when he came up with the idea for XpressJobs. At the time, he wanted to hire a few software engineers. He printed some job advertisements and quickly received many applications. It was difficult to sort through all of them. Sampath, his friend in recruitment, was able to help him. Both of them discussed this problem and realized that Sri Lanka needed job portals. They decided to start a website to help people search for the right jobs. The two friends became close friends with Oshadie Korale, another friend, and began work on the first version XpressJobs. XpressJobs became a reality on the 2nd of November 2015.

Post Jobs in Sri Lanka


XpressJobs focuses on creating a new offer for job seekers and recruiters every three months. The company's latest creation is an Android application that allows job seekers to not only find, but also apply for positions. XpressJobs aims to revolutionize the recruitment process in Sri Lanka. They have supported more than 3500 companies, including MAS, VirtusaPolaris and Hayleys, Coca Cola and Union Bank, Keels Super and HNB Assurance, in resolving their Recruitment Challenges. More than 170,000 registered candidates have found their dream jobs through this platform.


Career guidance for job-seekers

Provide unique and practical price packages to recruiters

Search options that are simple and easy to use


Because of their privacy and filtering purposes, job seekers cannot send their CV directly to the company.

2. Ikman jobs

ikman, the well-known online marketplace brand, has a lot of job vacancies available online via their job portal, ikmanjobs. Ikman jobs offers great job opportunities because they have a large selection of job listings both locally and internationally. Ikman jobs allows you to create your most current resume and apply for jobs. You can also easily find great employers around the world by creating your profile. It's completely free. If you're a hiring manager, you can choose the best candidate for your company from over 273,000+ profiles. They also offer advanced tools that will streamline your recruitment process.

Job Posting in Sri Lanka


Many companies such as Nations Trust Bank, Softlogic, Vision Care, Pick Me, and many others use ikman jobs to help them in their hiring process. You can find your ideal job in any of the many categories they offer, including IT, banking, hotels, wholesale, and remote work. Customers can easily find the job they are looking for and apply for it through ikman jobs. Ikman jobs are a great way to make the process of recruiting easy and efficient.


App facilities are available to facilitate the job search process and recruitment process.

They can support multiple languages (English, Tamil, Sinhala)

Employers can reach job seekers directly without the need to sign up


The job vacancies are not defined as there are different job descriptions for each job.

3. 3.

Jobpal is an online Job Directory. It's one the most popular job portals in Sri Lanka. Job seekers can search for and apply to suitable jobs throughout Sri Lanka through this website. Job seekers can upload their resume with a professional portfolio and Jobpal will match them to the Jobs. Job seekers will be notified immediately by their email or mobile phone when similar jobs are posted.


Recruiters can also post job listings free of charge and manage them via my account panel. These job openings will be promoted via Jobpal's social media channels. Post jobs and manage them easily. Job seekers can also apply directly to employers. Job seekers can easily search for jobs in their area and abroad by simply submitting their CV to Jobpal. The site also provides a guide for recruiters.


Human Resource Management: Providing valuable resources

Employers can reach job seekers directly

Get instant job alerts by SMS or email


Needs multilingual language implementation.

4. Topjobs

Topjobs allows employers to post job openings online. It also lets job seekers submit online applications. Topjobs automates all aspects of job recruitment and provides an electronic back-office that makes the process efficient and easy. Topjobs is the perfect place for job seekers! Browse through job vacancies online and apply immediately. Your application will be sent directly to the HR department of top job-registered employers. If you are shortlisted, they'll contact you. Topjobs allows you to see the status of your job request once it has been submitted. You will see a status indicator that shows you where your job application is at the moment. This includes whether it has been accepted, rejected, offered with the job, or not.


Topjobs provides a comprehensive and inclusive electronic recruiting platform for managers. This is for job vacancy posting and automating the whole recruitment process in an entirely electronic environment. Topjobs will allow you to create your own topjobs Home Page for your employer. This page allows you to list jobs and provide information about the benefits of working at your company. Topjobs provides an easy platform for online recruitment.


Job seekers can view their status on job applications (applied, shortlisted and offered with the job / not successful).

Hiring in Sri Lanka

Register employers have the privilege of having their own topjobs Home Page, which allows them to update information about job postings and other organizational benefits.

Employers can submit job applications directly to job seekers.


The search option must be improved

5. Observerjobs

Observer JOBS, a recruitment platform, brings together print, social media, and web to create a comprehensive employment network in Sri Lanka. This has made it a top choice for both job seekers and employers. Observer JOBS is a leading online HR tool in Sri Lanka thanks to its extensive job vacancy database and wide coverage across Sri Lanka.


There are many job opportunities, including key job categories, and there is a variety of industries. Each job seeker can choose from a range of options to best suit their needs. Observer JOBS career advice is a great source of information to keep you current in a rapidly-changing corporate environment. It's the best way for employers to find the most qualified applicants for job vacancies. Employers can now enjoy 3 premium packages that give them the ability to organize the entire recruitment process, right through to the interview phase.


To suit the needs of every job seeker, a wide variety of industries are available.

Providing essential online HR tools

There are many premium packages available for employers to help them structure their entire recruitment process


Needs multilingual language implementation.

6. CV

CV is one of the most popular online job portals for Sri Lanka. It connects job seekers with employers online, changing the requirements landscape in the country. CV makes it easy to find the right job or the right person by reducing stress and the work involved in the job search and recruitment process. With a variety of job opportunities in Sri Lanka, and even overseas, cv makes job searching easier and more efficient. Cv has the ability to offer qualified candidates for many job openings and firms due to its large talent pool.


CV partners with both private and government companies to help job seekers and employers to find the right job. It makes it easy to apply for job vacancies in Sri Lanka and to filter them, call for job interviews, conduct work interviews, and much more.


You can choose from a variety of jobs in your area and abroad.

This site offers job opportunities for candidates from a variety of companies.

Make the entire recruitment process more efficient and less time-consuming.


Multilingual Languages are required to improve the search option

7. MyJobs

Myjobs, a fully-owned subsidiary of Emerging Media Ltd., is one of the most popular and fastest growing job portals in Sri Lanka. MyJobs offers many job opportunities in Sri Lanka including internship training, part-time jobs, and job vacancies for school leavers. Myjobs provides information about vacancies in Colombo and Anuradhapura as well as details about job vacancies throughout the country. Employers find it a great way to reach potential candidates for filling vacancies in their companies.


Here you can find the most current job vacancies. Myjobs allows any Sri Lankan business to post any job vacancies and promote them via social media. Myjobs offers job opportunities in finance, marketing, IT, HR, and many other fields. It is the largest online job site in Sri Lanka.


All information regarding job opportunities.

Offering diversified job listings.

Find job postings from across the country.


Customers should not be delayed in requesting delay responses.

8. 8.

One of the largest job portals in Sri Lanka is Jobfactory. A leading recruitment company in Sri Lanka, Jobfactory can help job seekers in their quest for the perfect job. Jobfactory is a

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