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Top Game Boxes That Contain More Air

- By salvadorkloss
Publish Date : 2021-04-08 11:46:35
Top Game Boxes That Contain More Air

If you’re part of the tabletop gaming interest, at some point you’ll run into the same issue as everyone else. Storage. It doesn’t matter how many trips to Ikea you make, you always seem to exhaust about essential storage for those, necessary purchases. 

Thus, it’s disappointing when publishers compound the issue by forcing that you find storage space for great cardboard boxes containing fresh air. It’s even more thwarting when they’re actually good games that you want to commonly take places without the obstruction of all that needless cardboard. Few top game boxes are explained that contain more air inside so let’s have a look: 

Age of War 

Fantasy flight games has created a name for itself over the decades as a supplier of best quality games with components to match. However, it’s also garnered an influence for generating some of the most pointless packaging. 

The Age of War packaging box isn’t exactly huge at around 5"x5" (12cmx12cm), but when you take into account the reality that all it has is 7 dice and 14 small format cards, it’s excessive. 

Odin’s Ravens 

At the same time, we appreciate the manner that the box opens like a book and there’s funky little hollow areas in the insert for the raven meeple, unless it’s kept horizontally (unlike the average book) the cards end up engulfed in the interior. 

The producers might have either created a lid that carries the cards in place, or better still just packaged everything in a case about half the size. 

A Game of Thrones: Hand of the King 

Fantasy flight games are up to their old strategies again. There’s no card in here huge than about half standard playing card size, and even with everything sleeved (for which they serve a purchasing guide of course) less than half the packaging case gets used. 

Happily, as with many fantasy flights games, a convenient cardboard insert is served to ensure that the small amount of comfort don’t clatter around too much. Still, with the packaging box consuming about 60% more cardboard than is required anyway, we don’t suppose wasting some more on padding the packaging case out really matters, does it? 

Exploding Kittens 

My confusion about why this card game was such a highly successful is matched only by why it requires such a great packaging box. At 56 cards it’s substantially a standard pack of playing cards, and we all know what they appear like boxed up, and yet we’re treated to a container apparently designed in some manner to justify the game’s excessive price tag. 


A lot of game packaging boxes can explain away their dimensions by the reality they have to contain a game board that, folded up, is generally getting on for a foot long down one side at the very least. 

Even so, Raptor has a modular board created up of small square parts, which together with less than two dozen cards, a small handful of tiny plastic miniatures and a scattering of counters, doesn’t even start to fill out the tremendous space present in the case. 

Tides of Madness 

These splendidly contributed playing cards are about the largest you’re likely to discover in a game, but come on, there’s only thirteen of them. Even the dozen madness tokens also included barely take up more room than a roll of quarters. 

In fact, most of the packaging case volume is taken up by an extensively thick score pad that glances capable of recording games involving half the population of a small town. On the silver lining there is a little pencil from a betting shop enclosed for your scoring convenience. 

All the above-mentioned games are of high in demand and people use it when they got time. Its packaging is made with great space so that it can’t be damaged and harmed in any case. Such type of game boxes can provide complete security to them so that everyone can enjoy it later for long time. Games packaging are designed according to the theme needed and many beautiful features are compulsory to have in it. So, choose the authentic packaging firm that can entice the customers instantly. 

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