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Tips For Printing Hot Coffee Sleeves for Your Cafe

Author : netashaadams
Publish Date : 2021-08-19 07:48:55
Tips For Printing Hot Coffee Sleeves for Your Cafe

Coffee will never grow old. The fact is further strengthened by the numbers showing the production of about 148 million 60kg bags of coffee in 2016. Since then, the numbers have increased manifold.

The UAE, too, is known for its love for coffee as it grows and exports its favorite hot beverage. The locals themselves may be a major chunk contributing towards the ever-increasing numbers! In an attempt to be different, all the coffee shop owners have introduced different varieties and flavors. But the variations are making all coffee shops look the same.

Here is what can help your beverages be different! Their printed coffee sleeves! The sleeves designed more for convenience have a huge role to play in marketing the coffee shop, making it all the more essential to come up with beautiful designs that could contribute to an increase in the number of sales.

Beautiful designs need creativity, innovation, and high-quality printing for coffee sleeves. Where creativity comes from the mind, opt for top-notch printing companies in Dubai to create eye-catching designs for your coffee sleeves. The article highlights some important tips to help you out.

What are some tips for coffee sleeve printing?

Convenience doesn’t have to be compromised for standing out, and standing out doesn’t mean inconvenience. Create eye-catching sleeves for disposable coffee mugs, and you have both attributes on your side. All you need are a few simple tips and experts that can provide coffee sleeve print services for your café. Read on to know some helpful tips to help you create your sleeves!

Use the right card stock

The cardstock you choose for your coffee sleeves needs to be thicker than normal paper. Since it’s also acting as insulation from the hot coffee, it’s important to keep it thicker than average paper.

In addition, opt for the type of craft paper that goes best with your brand! While most coffee shops opt for brown craft paper, your coffee sleeve doesn’t have to follow the masses. Go full color and opt for top-quality paper varieties for your printing.

Choose a unique design for coffee sleeves

A sleeve is called a sleeve because it’s shaped like one! -No kidding! But it doesn’t have to be boring like all the other sleeves in town! Be creative and use flaps and mug holder designs to create sleeves that help you stand out in the market!

Use the right font

Since your coffee cup sleeve is doing more than just protecting your hands from the hot coffee. It’s also marketing your product, making it all the more critical for the font on the holder to be more prominent and serve the purpose.

Opt for clear, large, less curvy, bolder fonts to print the labels. In addition, use smaller font sizes to write down any other information, such as the beverage’s name and precautionary messages.

Opt for high-quality printing

As important as it is to have the best designs and using the right font for the printing, it’s important to have the highest quality printing for your sleeves. No one likes tacky printing, with breaks and misprints. It’s not only unprofessional, but it also conveys the wrong message about your coffee shop!

Sip Away!

Your coffee cup sleeves are silent marketers for your business, just like your business cards and brochures. Design creative ones and opt for the best printers to help you print high-quality ones for your cafe. Use the tips above and stand out from the crowd with the best-designed sleeves in the whole of Emirates!

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