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Tips For Passing PMP Certification Exam

- By silvajulied5
Publish Date : 2021-05-19 04:53:17
Tips For Passing PMP Certification Exam

PMP Certification practice test helps you for preparing for PMP. The PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, which is sponsored by the PMI (Project Management Institute), is the most respected and popular certification credential in project management field.

The PMP exam will have questions related to general project management, resource procurement, project quality and integration, project charter, cost management, scope, time, risk etc.


In order to acquire PMP certification every candidate should satisfy all experimental and educational requirements which are established by PMI, and agree adhere with the code of conduct and should demonstrate a valid level of understanding of project management. The PMP exam tests all these qualities in the candidates. PMP certified experts should also demonstrate continuous professional commitment to project management in order to satisfy PMI continuing requirement program.

General PMP Certification Exam tips:

• You must have in mind all important formulas, particularly PERT and Earned Values.

• You should practice avoiding the totally doubtful options first.

• Answer questions which are related to PMBOK (Project management body of knowledge) concepts initially after which you should consider the experience. If they conflict each other, you should give priority to PMBOK.

• There are no negative marks, so you must not leave any question unanswered.

• You must follow some educated guessing for questions which you no idea about. You should keep in mind that you have just eighty second for every single question. If you don't know the answer for any question, you should mark it and move on to next question. You can check it again after finishing the remaining questions.

• Answer the questions based on the PMBOK concepts first, and then consider your experience. If they are in conflict, the PMBOK wins.

PMI concept-oriented tips:

• The project manager will take proactive approach and will not keep waiting till a risk become a serious problem. It is an important concept which can be related to lot of questions in the exam. Project manager will not escalate the problems before analyzing it completely and finding out options. You should think like that before answering questions related to such situations.

• You should define the roles and responsibilities clearly.

• You can assume historical databases and lessons learnt are available.

• Project managers should posses all types of hard and soft skills.

Tips Related to Questions:

1. There are some questions which might have extra information which is not relevant to the correct answer. You must be aware of such questions and you need not use all the information which is given in the question.

2. Every question has just one correct answer and you should select most appropriate one.

3. You should answer the questions with PMI perspective and not based on your work experience.

Passing PMP Certification exam requires lot of preparation and PMP certification practice tests can be helpful for this purpose. Skill guru provides free mock tests for candidates who aspire to write PMP certification exam. Some tips are listed below for such candidates.

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