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The Dos and Don’ts of a Sole Representative Visa

- By shivampandit
Publish Date : 2021-02-25 11:27:40
The Dos and Don’ts of a Sole Representative Visa

Do you like rules? I don’t. I think 70% of people dislike rules and 100% of kids dislike them. However, the chaos that would ensue in the world without rules and discipline we cannot even imagine.

So, today we are going to talk about some rules and regulations that one should follow as someone who is a sole representative visa holder. Let’s say we are talking to Mr.X and we are the immigration solicitors.

Mr. X works for a company called ABC. Now, ABC knows that to establish their presence in a continent like Europe they need to first set up a base in one of the biggest powers that in the UK. Hence, to establish themselves in the UK they have now sent Mr.X as their representative. 

Mr. X after a long and arduous process has received his sole representative visa but now has to make sure the visa is not revoked. So Mr.X should follow the following do’s and don’t that we as his immigration solicitors will inform him.

DO’s: What he can do?

  1. Any activities that Mr.X will undertake under the scope of the business of ABC should be related to only the business and should fall under the head of the work mentioned in the visa application.
  2. All financial dealings should be clean and detailed in the documents. An investigation can be undertaken if anything shady is found.
  3. Mr.X can bring his dependants with him if is found eligible for the same
  4. He can stay in the UK for 3 years and extend his visa for another 2 years post the stipulated period has lapsed.

DONT’s: What he cannot do?

  1. He cannot take any other job be it full-time or part-time.
  2. He cannot study in the UK as a sole representative visa holder.
  3. He cannot do any dealings for ABC that does not fall under the things mentioned in the main visa application
  4. His assistant cannot apply for a sole representative visa or as a dependant. He/she can apply for a skilled worker visa.

Anything that is not permitted under the sole representative visa can lead to his sole representative visa getting revoked. It is advisable to consult your immigration solicitor before doing anything that might get your visa revoked.

Let’s discuss a few things that Mr.X had to do when he was applying for the sole representative visa along with his company ABC.

Mr.X had to inform the government of the UK about the various businesses ABC dabbled in. His role in the company. He also had to provide a job description that was assigned by ABC for him, his income details and his contract with the company. The contract of employment has to be shared as the Home Office has to make sure that Mr.X is actually a full-time employee and not just hired help. The income details are required so as to ascertain that Mr.X will be able to support himself and any dependants he decides to bring with him financially.

Making these visa applications in itself is a complicated process for an individual add to that the list of things that you need to submit as a business like ABC. This is where a good immigration solicitor can make your life easier. They can help take care of each and every small detail in the application and make sure that your application is approved in one go.

There is a huge list of things that a visa holder needs to take care of when living in a foreign land. You are under the microscope a lot. So, it is better to know the do’s and donts.

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