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Six Social Media Tips for Apartment Marketing

- By jessicawilson007
Publish Date : 2021-10-11 05:12:12
Six Social Media Tips for Apartment Marketing

Social media is a major part of most people’s lives in today’s world. Recently, there was a six-hour global outage on some of the most popular social media apps, and both people and businesses alike were panicked. Thankfully, the media companies got the sites back up and working in less than half a day – but why were so many people up in arms about the outage?

It’s because social media is for more than socialization. These days, it is also a major avenue for advertisement and connection between companies and consumers. Because of this, nearly every successful brand has a major social media presence – and yours should be no different.

Here are six tips for making the most out of social media for your apartment complex or rental properties:

Make it Professional

Before you release anything into the wild world of the internet, make sure it reads correctly. This means spell check, read for clarity and ensure you are being sensitive to social topics in your area. Apartment social media is aimed at wide swaths of people; target without alienating!

Partner with Influencers

No one has more influence in today’s market than the people named for that very power, influencers. These small-time celebrities can use their social media prowess and sway over their audience to push products and suggest services, all without seeming tacky or too forward.

The best part of the influencer market to tap into is the realm of the micro-influencer. These are people with an audience of a thousand or more followers, all of whom are more likely to feel directly engaged with that content creator than fans of larger celebrities. Work with one or more of these people to see your engagement in social media really skyrocket!

Make the Most of Memes

If you don’t already know, memes are viral photos, videos, or jokes that circulate around the internet. They quickly enter the public consciousness and become part of conversation outside of social media, which makes them even more popular on it.

Many of today’s most successful companies are using these jokes to their advantage. When you can work a meme or viral trend into your marketing approach – such as making jokes about other apartments versus your facilities – it will resonate with today’s consumers. It will also endear you to your audience and make them more likely to engage with your content.

Time it Right

While mems and communal inside jokes are an important part of your marketing strategy online, it is also important not to use them incorrectly. Posting a meme that is considered outdated will tank your efforts. Post promptly and check with social media savants to be sure of your investment of money and time.

Use Hashtags Correctly, Too

Just as you should ensure that your mems should be harnessed properly, so too should your hashtags. These are words or phrases set apart by the number sign, which will allow people to search those terms easily. Don’t use this important space to make jokes or add info. Keep it short and sweet so your audience can use them the way they’re meant to be used.

Make Things Accessible and Make Your Efforts Count

Adding captions to your apartment video advertisements will make them easier for those who are hard of hearing to see and enjoy them. It will also make them accessible to the blind, who can only see them using screen readers and other adaptive devices. These additions will also allow users who simply prefer to keep their sound turned off to get your message – and it’s free to do!

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be hard! Put it to work for your rental properties and see your returns soar!

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