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Retail Apps to Power Your Omnichannel Experience

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Publish Date : 2021-06-13 11:14:48
Retail Apps to Power Your Omnichannel Experience

Today StudioBrandt will present retail apps that will power your omnichannel experience.

Virtual Shopping and Retention



HERO® is a virtual shopping platform that adds a human touch to ecommerce to help brands grow. Millions of shoppers around the world use Hero on their favorite online stores to connect in real-time with a product expert, often in a store nearby, through video, chat and text. Using Hero you can elevate consumers' online experience by empowering your store staff, experts or influencers to personally assist online shoppers.

Brands using Hero have seen 21x growth in conversion on average, 40% AOV Uplift.

Loyalty and Rewards


Smile.io is an easy-to-use loyalty and rewards platform that will help you to scale your brand and transform one-time sales into repeat customers. With Smile you can build your brand community by acquiring, engaging, and retaining your customers with a simple, intuitive, and fully customized rewards program. Inject loyalty into every part of your customer experience by connecting Smile to your reviews, subscriptions, emails, POS, and more. Over 50,000 small businesses reward with Smile. 

Inventory Management and Reporting


Leverage Stocky by Shopify (included free with a POS Pro Subscription) to optimize your inventory decisions and spend less time worrying about what products to purchase and more time maximizing your profits with the best product mix for your business. 

With Stocky you can improve sales and have better visibility into what products you should order when based on product performance and seasonality. Track what you’ve received and what’s leaving your store to reduce inventory loss, and know when stock runs low so you can create purchase orders or transfer items. Stocky will also help you to save time and reduce errors by eliminating the need to manage spreadsheets or multiple systems and locations.

Staff Management and Scheduling


Deputy is an easy-to-use platform takes the stress out of scheduling and gives you more time for the work that matters. Its intuitive software requires minimal training, allowing for fast implementation and low cost deployment for any business in the shift work economy.

Deputy uses real-time demand data pulled from Shopify sales reporting so managers can create cost-optimized schedules. Also, Deputy’s geolocation and biometric clock-in provide accurate and verified digital timesheets that can be approved in minutes and sent to payroll.

Lastly, Deputy’s extensive industry award library makes staying compliant with Fair Work simple.

Store Pickup, Delivery and Shipping


Zapiet has store pick up and local delivery solutions that are flexible and customizable, to suit retailers of all sizes, whether you have one pick up location, or thousands. Zapiet’s product focused features including product date restrictions, and product availability, allow you to mark individual products as only available for pickup, delivery, or shipping. Integrate Zapiet with your technology partners and last mile delivery fulfillment provider to deliver a seamless customer experience.


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