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Post Interview Rejection Mail Template

Author : Eazl9
Publish Date : 2021-04-06 11:29:12
Post Interview Rejection Mail Template

Post Interview Rejection Mail Template

It's important to supply candidates with timely and personalised comments at each phase of the hiring procedure. Not giving candidates feedback can actually damage your employer brand and negatively affect your hiring processes in the future.
Nominees you have interviewed are more invested in your hiring process and are very likely to feel understandably disappointed about the result.

When rejecting candidates post interview recall to personalise your email and explain why you decided not to advance their program for the role. You can even encourage them to keep in touch and employ for other openings that could come up later on.

Use this email template to reject applicants that you have interviewed. You can customize it further based on specific reasons for rejection.

Sample article - interview rejection email
Theme : The application for at

Dear ,

Thank you so much for taking the opportunity to meet our staff for the role.

While we were very impressed with your profile and accomplishments, we have sadly made the difficult decision of not progressing with your candidature for this particular function as .

I'd nevertheless like to remain in touch and, now that I have a better understanding of your profile, touch you in the future when a more suitable opportunity comes up.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any specific feedback. I wish you all the best in your job search.

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Are you a job seeker wondering in the event that you will be informed if a company chooses to not hire you once they have interviewed one to assess your candidacy? Or are you a hiring manager who needs to allow a candidate know that they weren't hired?

Even though the appropriate protocol would be to notify each of the candidates that companies interview for a job, this, sadly, doesn't always happen. Employers are not required to notify applicants, even though it's considerate to inform candidates who have not been selected to proceed in the hiring process.1

When Employers Notify Applicants
Employers don't always provide applicants with all the courtesy of letting them know where they stand in the hiring process:

Some employers let each candidate know the status of the program.
Some companies notify applicants that have not been approved for a meeting, while some simply contact applicants they want to go over the task with.
Some employers do not even notify applicants that interview that they weren't selected for another interview or the occupation.
Other companies may send rejection letters to applicants that are not selected for a position after the interview procedure is complete.
You might not receive a letter straight after your interview, if the company notifies applicants.

Many employers wait until they've hired someone for your job before notifying the candidates.

That's because they may want to provide the applicant pool another look if their top candidate accomplishes their job offer.

What is Contained in a Rejection Letter Sent After a Job Interview
Should you receive a rejection letter, do not expect it to include a reason why you weren't offered a job. Employers are concerned about discrimination problems.

It's safer, by a legal standpoint, for organizations to compose a simple rejection letter which thanks the interviewee for taking the time to meet up with the hiring manager. In case the company is interested in considering an applicant for different openings, the letter could state that also.

Cases of Rejection Letters
If a company does send rejection letters, the following are examples of what you may receive if the organization has decided not to pursue your candidacy for a job.

Hiring Manager
Company Name
Company Address
City, State Zip Code

Dear Candidate Name,

Thank you very much for taking the time to interview together for the Customer Service position. We value your interest in the organization and the occupation.

I'm writing to let you know that we've chosen the candidate whom we think most closely matches the job demands of the position.

We do appreciate you taking the time to join with us and encourage you to apply for other openings at the organization in the future.

Again, thank you for your time.


Signature (hard copy correspondence )

Hiring Supervisor

Rejection Letter Following a Job Interview Email Presence
I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me to explore the Marketing Associate position at ABC Company. Your time and attention in the position are much appreciated.

I would like to inform you that we've filled the situation. But, we'll keep your application on file for consideration when there's a future opening that may be a fit for you.

Again, thank you for meeting me.

Best regards,

Samantha Hancock

What to Do if You Do Not Hear From an Employer
What's the best way to manage it, if you do not hear back from a professional? It's suitable to follow up on the status of your program, especially if you're juggling multiple job programs or offers or will need to make an instant decision on a different job offer.

Following up immediately following a meeting with a thank-you email is a particularly effective approach, since this lets you remind the employer of your credentials, answer any questions that you feel were not fully addressed in the interview, and also keep you"top of mind" as companies make their hiring decision.

It's also nice to get hold of the company using a second email or telephone call after two or three weeks, in the event that you still have not heard from them.

Keep in mind you might not get a response. So, while you're waiting, make sure you continue to job hunt.

Don't think about your job hunt complete until you've received--and approved --a job offer.

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