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of Asian nationals living in the country were victims of hate crimes6

Author : vabopeneng
Publish Date : 2021-03-21 11:07:53
of Asian nationals living in the country were victims of hate crimes6

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — 2 Democratic state senators from port of entry can continue fighting till late April to see UN agency can represent a U.S. House district focused within the town.

Organisers said the move now gives "clarity" to ticket holders and helps ensure "a safe and secure Games for all participants and the Japanese public".

The Paralympics follow the Olympics a month later, from 24 August.

Organisers said the "challenging" Covid-19 situation in Japan and many other countries, global travel restrictions and emergence of variant strains of the virus had led to the decision and that ticket holders would be refunded.

After watching Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt win eight gold medals over the years, he said he will "revel in those memories and not feel too hard done by".
The outpouring of grief and anger over the news that six Asian women were among those killed in the shootings at three Atlanta area massage parlors has drawn attention to the rise of anti-Asian violence in the US.

And it’s not just an American problem. From the UK to Australia, reports of anti-East and anti-Southeast Asian hate crimes have increased in Western countries as the pandemic took hold this past year. At least 11 people of East and Southeast Asian descent CNN spoke to described racist and xenophobic incidents, such as people moving away from them on the train, verbal abuse and even physical assault.
The past year has seen some Western politicians repeatedly stress China’s connection to the Covid-19 outbreak, as well as raise the rhetoric against the Asian superpower. Within this environment, advocates say people of East Asian and Southeast Asian heritage have increasingly become a target for racism.

But many European countries, including France, Germany and Belgium, do not collect demographic data on ethnicity for historical reasons, making it difficult to take an accurate measure of the scale of the problem.
Hate crime statistics are recorded in the UK. Figures from the London Metropolitan Police show more than 200 incidents of hate crime against people of East Asian appearance happened between June and September 2020 — a 96% increase compared to the same period a year ago.
Peng Wang, a lecturer at Southampton University in southern England, says he was physically assaulted by a group of four men while jogging near his home one cold afternoon.
The men yelled racial slurs at the 37-year-old, including “Chinese virus,” he told CNN. They got out of the car after Wang yelled back at them, punching him in the face and kicking him to the ground. He suffered minor facial injuries and a nose bleed, but the trauma of the event made him worry about leaving his home, his future in the UK and the safety of his young son, he told CNN.

Peng Wang, a university professor, was attacked while out on a jog in late February in Southampton, southern England.
“What they did was not civil, it should not happen in today’s society. They just treated me like an animal,” he said. Police have since arrested two men on suspicion of racially aggravated assault, according to two statements sent to CNN.
“When Donald Trump was the [US] President, and he said the ‘China virus’ — that was absolutely wrong,” Wang added.
Polling done in June found that three-quarters of people of Chinese ethnicity in the UK had experienced being called a racial slur.
During an October debate on racism against the Chinese and East Asian community in Parliament, Scottish National Party lawmaker David Linden said some of his constituents “described the attacks against them, with restaurants and take-outs being vandalized and boycotted and victims being punched, spat at and coughed on in the street and even verbally abused and blamed for the coronavirus pandemic.”

As the pandemic made its way across Europe, activists in Spain and France began to notice a problem. Campaigns, such as #NoSoyUnVirus (#IAmNotAVirus), were created to raise awareness of the uptick in violence against Asians.
In March 2020, an American man of Chinese descent, Thomas Siu, said he was violently assaulted in Spain’s capital, Madrid, after two men yelled racial slurs about the coronavirus at him.
Siu, who was a student at the time, said that between January and March last year he was verbally assaulted 10 times. This time, he was not going to take it anymore, and instead yelled back at his verbal abusers.
But the men did not stop. They walked over and beat him unconscious, the 30-year-old told CNN, adding that he was hospitalized for a week. “I’ve always known that there is racism here and that people don’t really acknowledge it,” Siu told CNN.

Susana Ye, a 29-year-old Spanish journalist who made a documentary about the country’s Chinese diaspora in 2019, told CNN that violence against Asians in Spain has become normalized, and under-reported by the Spanish press.
“For many it is not an important issue because many journalists do not live [in] or know members of the community,” she said. “They don’t have an anti-racist perspective and they don’t know about communities beyond their own.”
She says there is a problem of under reporting of hate crimes in Spain due to language barriers, fears among some of being deported, and a tendency for the older generation to keep silent about incidents.
“I think that people pick violence, verbal violence and physical violence because they don’t expect us to react at all,” she said. “They are used to us keeping a low profile.”

Spanish comic book author Quan Zhou Wu, who lives in Madrid, agrees. “The attack in Atlanta hasn’t been on the front pages of media in Spain, it is super, super minor news, we are invisible,” she told CNN.
A 2019 report by the Spanish government shows that 2.9% of Asian nationals living in the country were victims of hate crimes. But while such offenses against Spanish nationals are recorded, the figures are not broken down by ethnicity. The government has yet to release 2020 figures.
In France, campaigners say the pandemic has made racism even worse for its Asian community. “Since last year the racism has become more overt. It’s people saying they don’t like Asians, or they don’t like China,” said Sun-Lay Tan, a spokesperson for Security for All, an organization that represents more than 40 Asian associations in France.

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