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Nine Ways to Make Case Studies More Effective

- By Paul Goldstein
Publish Date : 2021-02-15 14:21:30
Nine Ways to Make Case Studies More Effective

A case study is an important and valuable component of the success of a company. It shows the success and popularity of the product being promoted, in addition to being the go-to document for prospects and customers. It is a story of the company, and who does not love a good story?

It should be used in more than just a press release. It is the most telling sign of a company's direction and success and should be spread out across many channels as possible, such as other sales, advertising, public relations and marketing channels.

The sheer versatility of a case study is remarkable. There are a number of ways it can benefit a company when properly employed. Here are a just a few ways that how it can help business:

1. The old-fashioned press release.
Earlier in the article it was mentioned that a case study is more than just a press release. That does not mean it should not be a press release at all. Reformat it into the proper form and send it out, noting that a more complete case study is available. An editor just might pick it up.

2. A mailer to prospects and customers.
For customers, this is a way to keep contact. For prospects, a case study can inform them just how they will benefit from the product being sold. This can, naturally, generate more conversions.






3. Let the sales department use it.
It is a great tool for salespeople. Think about it being used for presentations or to underscore the sales pitch. It is a wonderful testimonial for the company and much more interesting, convincing and comprehensive than a brochure.

4. Post it on the website.
Fresh and new content on a website will bring more visitors. A case study fits the bill and may help convert those visitors into customers.

5. Print it as a story in the company newsletter or ezine.
Case studies are the stories of a company's success and people like to read success stories.

6. Use it as a springboard for public speaking.
Bring the case study when speaking at meetings and conferences. In fact, if the facilities are available, a case study makes a great slide-show presentation. Or it can just be printed and handed out to the others in the meeting.

7. Use it in lead-generation programs.
A case study can certainly be used as a "free giveaway" in advertisements, emails or on the website itself. Students of marketing call this method an information premium. These students also know this strategy works well.

8. Use it for testimonials.
Testimonials are proof of the good a product can do. A case study often has many quotes from happy customers, and these can be pulled out to create testimonials - with permission, naturally. Testimonials posted in ads, brochures and the website, among other locations, can be a powerful tool.

9. Pass it out at trade shows.
Case studies are a welcome change from all the brochures and flyers passed around at trade shows.
A case study is a much more elaborate enterprise than just a brochure or a press release, but it has so many more uses than the standard avenues of promotion.

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