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Never Believe These 7 Bizarre Sayings about Clear Vinyl Stickers Production

Author : EmmaMeaghan
Publish Date : 2021-02-22 10:10:29
Never Believe These 7 Bizarre Sayings about Clear Vinyl Stickers Production

Every day, the rumors keep on circulating in the marketplace, the sole purpose of which is to drive the people away from buying a specific thing. Clear vinyl sticker is no exception. Talking specifically about it, there are great misconceptions among the public which need to be cleared. The comprehensive guide below will let you know some common misconceptions about vinyl stickers and what the reality is. 


Not Resistant To Fading:

One of the most common misconceptions about clear vinyl labels that are circulating in the market is that they fade away easily. However, they are durable enough to resist fading. These labels are made up of clear vinyl and are also known as transparent labels. Not only that, but they are also incredibly resistant against the other external elements which assist the process of fading. For instance, they are incredibly waterproof and have a crystal clear nature, which makes them the best choice for branding purposes. Businesses can make use of these clear vinyl sheets to brand their products and services. 

Do Not Offer Versatility:

Another common myth about the clear sheet vinyl is that they are not versatile. However, they are extremely versatile as they offer endless customization options. You can change their size and shape respectively, keeping in view the specific requirements or needs. They offer you a good opportunity to come up with a design that differentiates your brand from others and make it stand out.

Moreover, the quality or appearance of the vinyl stickers is not compromised at all upon the application of oil or water as they are resistant to these effects. In clear vinyl printing, UV resistant inks are used due to which the vinyl stickers can withstand the harsh environmental conditions such as light, which otherwise can fade away from their color. 


Not Best For Brand Promotion:

Many people in the market assume that clear vinyl sheets for crafts are not so effective in marketing the products and promoting the brands. This is a wrong assumption as the vinyl stickers have all the features that are required for marketing.

If your company does not have enough time for brand or product marketing or you have a lower budget, the vinyl stickers are the best choice in this regard. They can be used to imprint the unique logo of your brand and many versatile designs on their smooth surfaces, which instantly grab the attention of potential customers in the industry. They can also be changed into many charming styles and amazing shapes, which is good from a marketing perspective. 

Not Applicable Easily:

Most people argue that clear vinyl labels are not applicable to all surfaces, i.e., they are applicable only to limited surfaces. Here, they are wrong as these labels provide slight flex and are applicable to all the surfaces irrespective of their nature.

For instance, you can apply them on flat, curvy, and bumpy surfaces without the fear of their unsticking. They can be applied in a number of different locations and places, both indoor and outdoor. Similarly, you can apply them to different sorts of products as well in the form of product labels. They have a sticky back that fits on different kinds of surfaces quite easily. 


Environmentally Unsound Option:

It is a great misconception among the public that vinyl stickers are not an environmentally sound option. Unlike traditional promotional stickers, vinyl stickers are not made from materials that are non-recyclable and non-biodegradable.

They are made from PVC material, which is highly recyclable, and one can easily decompose it when required. They are an excellent option for companies desiring to avoid anything in the atmosphere which is toxic. Moreover, the inks used for printing these vinyl stickers are highly eco-friendly and do not release harmful volatile organic compounds into the environment. 

Block The Interior View:

The most frustrating bizarre saying about the vinyl stickers you will listen to is that they block the interior view when applied on a specific surface. The fact that they are clean, clear, and highly transparent negates this saying. The brands can get their message across the masses easily through these stickers as they are often combined with simple designs to provide high visibility when applied on different surfaces. They are highly printable, and you can use them on the storefronts, windows, doors, and vehicles without the fear of the interior view being blocked. 


Prove Costly:

There is a great misunderstanding among the people regarding the cost of the vinyl stickers. Many think that these stickers are very expensive and using them for their marketing purpose will cost them a lot of money. This misunderstanding needs to be cleared as these stickers are made from transparent vinyl, which is a highly inexpensive material and readily available in the market at a reduced price. Not only that, but they are also the best alternative against the costly ways of promotion through digital and print media platforms. 

Concluding to the point that there are many misunderstandings in the industry regarding the clear vinyl sticker. Read out the aforementioned myths and correct your concepts and thoughts. This sticker is perfectly resistant against the fading and best for promotional purposes due to its infinite customization options. Moreover, it can be applied to any surface easily, and it does not block the interior view.

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