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Mercurialism - Need Not Kill You

Author : boyd
Publish Date : 2021-02-24 11:53:56
Mercurialism - Need Not Kill You

For 40 years Tisha had unexplained symptoms - escalating in severity and new symptoms arriving with frightening speed. Never suspecting the trouble was coming from her amalgam fillings. Tisha's long road to health started 3 years ago when she realized there must be a hidden reason for all her ailments that the medical profession could not help to alleviate or cure.

At 5 years of age Tisha had the 3:1 immunization before starting school. Her arm ballooned immediately on administration of the immunization, her mother and sister started screaming and crying that they were killing her. Tisha had fever and tremendous leg pains for about a year afterwards. Tisha's mother had to massage her legs every morning so that she could walk to school. The Doctors diagnosis was Rheumatic fever because she became breathless when she exercised and they suspected valve degeneration. That eventually passed but Tisha was never very comfortable running or doing sport after that.

Do we know that Immunizations contain Mercury and Aluminum derivatives? - it's criminal that we are not heeding the warnings about the disastrous side-effects caused by immunizations. We are exposing our newborns and toddlers to a lethal toxic substance that can compromise their health for the rest of their lives.

Some of the diseases linked to immunizations are cancers of various forms, autism, ADHD (hyperactivity) tantrum and anger outbursts, excessive shyness, and even decreased intelligence has been linked with Immunizations. It has been proven in tests that children who have never had Immunizations are of a higher intelligence that their counterpart who have had them. The problems associated with Immunizations should make us stop and think, yes think again before we just blindly go ahead and have our children Immunized. The diseases would have burnt out long ago if we hadn't exposed ourselves to the viruses through Immunizations. Even the flu injection can dump us into a health crisis - and does!

Tisha's first amalgam fillings were inserted at the age of 12 and the problems started immediately. She had an immediate increase of weight. On Tisha's return from their December vacation her

friends and family hardly recognized her, everyone wondered what had happened to her. The obvious assumption was that Tisha had just pigged out during her holiday. Unfortunately Tisha's family could not find a reason for her weight gain, she had always been a small and fussy eater. During the same holiday she had an attack of appendicitis necessitating an appendisectomy on their return home.

Through the years, there followed escalating severity of symptoms such as High Blood Pressure, Oedema (water retention) chronic headaches, chronic backache and muscle spasms, symptoms of Hypothyroidism although her thyroid hormones appeared to be on the lower normal scale, brain-fog increased at times, respiratory problems increased to the stage where Tisha was taking seven different antibiotics in a nine week period for bronchitis and laryngitis. These health problems continued to appear year after year. Little did they realize that it was linked with Tisha's annual dental visit - within hours to days of a visit Tisha's health would crash. No medication helped, not even cortisone treatments.

Looking back the Bransby family now see the danger signals of Mercury toxicity, but at the time they had no concept of toxic overloading. They trustingly gave their bodies to the Doctors and Dentists to do as they saw fit. Now they clearly see where they went wrong, and how they paid the price for unquestioning submission to toxic substances.

It is evident that little research has been done on substances we use every day. We think very little of their toxic side effects that can severely damage our health. Solid research and findings are swept under the carpet for fear of the repercussions. Is this criminal negligence or just total ignorance not caring what happens to the man in the street?

Tisha shares other incidents in her life that were deeply impacted by the toxicity problem. At the end of 1974 she got married whilst completing her nursing studies. She went onto the pill for six months. The problem only reared its head when she came off the pill. Her endocrine system was in a total hormonal scramble and she gained 20kg within 2 months. During her first pregnancy (and subsequent two pregnancies) she suffered from Oedema (water retention) and high blood pressure termed "pre-eclampsia" which was not mentioned to Tisha at the time. The Doctors said the weight gain was due to incorrect eating. Tisha was seven months pregnant while doing her final nursing exams. Her teeth were crumbling and more fillings were being inserted. This not only compounded but also increased the symptoms and severity. Whilst giving birth, her newly born son developed secondary apnea (he stopped breathing after initial start of respiration) no one noticed he was not breathing until he was handed to Tisha, he suffered from central brain epilepsy with minimal brain damage. Tisha's was not appeased by the prognosis given as the damage was done.



Tisha once again looks back over the years her son is now 27 years old is a classic case of "mercury toxicity" from birth. His symptoms include convulsions, temperature regulator damage (cannot protect his body from heat), if not controlled, he becomes aggressive, disorientated, hallucinating, followed by coma and convulsions, all within the space of five minutes. The Branby's nearly lost their son at least twice resulting in further brain damage, especially frontal lobe involvement, but also fine motor control loss, memory loss, inability to do mental calculations, he had to learn to read and write again, he only writes phonically now. He has chronic headaches due to the abnormal brain waves generated by the Epilepsy. He also suffers tremendous frustration and depression because he is aware of what he lost at the age of 10. He is on a disability grant because of his inability to hold down a constructive full time job. He lacks concentration, the physical ability and strength to do most jobs, and no one wants the responsibility of coping with his overheating problems. So his future looks bleak as far as job opportunities and a normal life is concerned. Tisha sadly reiterates "All because I had fillings done when I was pregnant with him, and the fact that he had his own amalgam fillings at a very young age due to gum disease left over from a severe case of chicken-pox at the age of seven".

We now realize the implications of Mercury molecules crossing the placental barrier and causing tremendous problems in the fetus, and young children receiving immunizations from day one loading them with Mercury and Aluminum. Tisha realizes it is too late for her own children, but the rest of the worlds children can still be saved from the effects of heavy metal poisoning, including Lead from vehicle emissions, Cadmium from cigarette smoke etc. Tisha's experience has given her a new lease on life and would like to dedicate her time to saving our future generations from all the tears and heartache heavy metal poisons cause.

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