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How to Use an Electric

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Publish Date : 2021-02-23 05:37:56
How to Use an Electric

Aromatherapy is fast becoming popular, due to the ease of availability. Aromatherapy has been made easy because of availability of many oil diffusers. There are different varieties and types of oil diffusers available in market now days. 

But mainly there are three types of diffusers:

  1. Electric Diffusers
  2. Candle Diffusers
  3. Reed Diffusers

This article is for those who are new to their aromatherapy journey or essential oil journey.

Diffuser from Rene-Maurice Electric Oil Aroma Diffuser dispels them in a fine mist or a spray.

This allows the oil to be dispersed into the air in the form of tiny droplets. And if you are looking

for aroma Therapy then this is definitely the way to go. If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of

aromatherapy then make sure the diffuser doesn’t harm or split the essential oils. Rene-Maurice

Electric Oil Aroma Diffuser Will be the best kind of diffuser in this case.

We all know that these oils smell amazing but there are more advantages to them as well. If you

are planning to use essential oils in a diffuser then go for one of these oils:

Lavender Essential Oil


1. Calming

2. Anti-bacterial

3. Alleviates anxiety and depression

4. Improves sleep

5. Relieves headaches and migraines

6. Antifungal

Chamomile Essential Oil

Before we start we should know what are the benefits of using an oil diffuser:

  1. Freshens the room: The oil diffusers freshen up a room and leave a great fragrance to a room, which instantly freshens up the mood.
  2. Cleanse the air: Diffusing the right kind of oil may help in cleansing of air.
  3. Body and Mind Relaxation: Using essential oils to relax the mind and body help in reducing stress and anxiety!
  4. Improved Respiratory Health: As it purifies air, it can be used to improve respiratory health.
  5. Improved Sleep: Have a sleep of your dreams! Essential oils help you to relax your mind and promote good sleep.
  6. Repels Insects: Using essential oils for repelling insects is one of the safest and natural methods of repelling insects. Though different oils are used for repelling different kinds of insects, so you would surely need some extra research.

Electric oil diffusers are one of most used type of oil diffuser. They are widely available in market, but Rene-Maurice Electric Oil Aroma Diffuser is the best in the market with changing LED Lights.

Now, we will discuss How to use an electric oil diffuser:

  1. Choose Location:

First and foremost you need to choose the location for placement of Diffuser. Pick a location that is open and has an outlet to plug it in. Always place the diffuser on some solid surface or tabletop. Avoid placing in area with direct sun light.

  1. Add water:

Most of the diffusers come with a top casing that can be opened, try rotating, popping, or even just lifting it. If you are unsure of how to open it, check the manufacturers guide for instructions. After opening the top, add water till the marked line in that reservoir. Some of diffusers don’t have a marked line, rather they come with a cup that holds required amount of water. Always keep in mind to to fill it up with the water at room temperature.

  1. Add the Aromatherapy Oils:
  2. Once you have chosen the type of oil, then put 3-10 drops of oil in the diffuser. It depends upon the size of your room
  3. Last but not the least SWITCH IT ON! And you are good to go.


It is very easy to use Rene-Maurice Electric Oil Aroma Diffuser, if you face any kind of difficulty then you can always take help of a user manual. Do not panic and use the right kind of oils that are suitable for you and you can reap all the benefits of Aromatherapy.

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