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How to Start a Natural Juice Business Successfully

Author : thecreativejournal
Publish Date : 2021-05-25 11:24:55
How to Start a Natural Juice Business Successfully

Starting a natural juice business can be a great idea, thanks to the trend that exists to eat healthier and healthier

Natural juices are a great option for those who want to have a healthier diet, on a global scale taking care of health has become more than just a fad.

Here's a video on tips for making natural juices and healing smoothies.

For this reason, it is believed that entering into businesses related to health care and healthy eating is a profitable business alternative.

I will tell you how to implement a business model so that you succeed, do you find it interesting? Well, keep reading.

Before you start the business it is important that you observe objectively, investigate, document yourself and create a juice bar business plan.

Remember that not all markets have the same needs, and that it all depends on where you want to start the company .

Take a look at the natural juice market

I offer you these data that will surely interest you:

The most consumed fruit in Spain is the orange , then there is the banana, followed by the apple, data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

It would be interesting for you to find out what the preferences are in the country and more specifically in the region where you want to open the natural juice business.

One of the most interesting points pointed out in that article is that since 2014 campaigns have been developed to publicize the benefits of consuming juices and how these play a fundamental role in having a healthier life.

It also shows us the preferences regarding fruits , a really important aspect to know what to offer.

Sort your ideas

If you have already made the decision to start a natural juice company, you need to explain your thoughts, I tell you that for this and all other business to be viable and competitive , a business model must be used .

If you have no idea what I'm saying, keep reading as this information will be really useful for you.

The Canvas business model is ideal for entrepreneurs. It was created by Alex Osterwalder , in order to organize the ideas that are often scattered in the creative mind of the entrepreneur.

If you want to know more about the Canvas Model, I recommend reading the post where this practical and useful model is explained in detail and graphically.

With the Canvas business model you can simplify the process of creating your company , you will know what is really important. And now, you are already understanding why I recommend using it.

1.- Module: Value proposition

The value proposition means defining the product or service that you are going to offer, with the plus or the value of highlighting the characteristics that would differentiate us from the rest.  Surely, in your city there are several establishments that sell natural juices.

Currently, offering something different is key for a business to succeed.

So if we want to offer something different, you could approach it in the following way:

Natural juices prepared with a wide variety of fruits to offer customers from the most common preparations to fruit cocktails, green juices, healthy juices.

Another element that makes the difference is that customers can choose the combinations of fruits and vegetables they want.

In addition to choosing how they want to sweeten their juice either with stevia, some other sugar substitute, honey or leave it natural.

2.- Module: Customer Segmentation

The second module is dedicated to the description of the clients , you must know exactly what audience you want to reach.

The idea is that you detail it as much as possible so that you direct your objectives in the recruitment .

You must be clear about the target you want to reach, if you only want it to be consumed by adults, women or men.

If we take it to our example, the natural juice business would segment it as follows:

  • Women and men from 18 years to 60 years.
  • People interested in eating a healthy diet.
  • Athletes and those interested in the fitness world .

3.- Module: Distribution channels

It is important that you identify what the channels will be, so you will make your value proposition known to your potential customers.

You must know how you will get the message across , how you will communicate with them.

For my natural juice business I would develop online strategies such as:

  • Create a website with information on the products offered, benefits of juices for health.
  • Actively manage social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • Blog to post information about the benefits of fruits.

I would also deliver flyers or brochures with information about my natural juice business, in public places such as shopping malls and areas near my store.

4.- Module: Relationship with customers

You should think about what your relationship with customers will be like.

How will you get them to choose your products before the competition?

Like how will you do so that once they decide for your company they become loyal customers?

In a natural juice business you can attract customers:

  • Doing free tastings: That way when they feel the flavor and freshness of the juices they will want to buy them immediately or they will come a next time.
  •  Giving discount coupons in establishments where alliances have been made such as gyms, spas.
  • Running contests on social media and juice discounts some days of the week.

5.- Module: Sources of income

The sources of income is the way you are going to make money in your business.

In the natural juice business you will receive the income from the sales of the juices.

For example, what will you price and the payment methods that you will provide to your customers.

At the establishment you can pay in cash, with a debit and credit card.

6.- Module: Key resources

The key resources are the elements that you require to be able to operate your company, these resources are material and human.

As material resources in my natural juice company:

1.- Materials such as knives, cutting boards, stirring paddles, food processor, refrigerator, scale.

2.- Raw material that are the different fruits to prepare juices, sweeteners.

3.- You must acquire a cash register, computer, counter, tables, glass and disposable cups.

Did you see that it is not complicated and it really is a tool that helps you locate and order each of your ideas?

So, what are you waiting for to start your natural juice business?

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