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How to Reenergize Your Outreach Approach for 2021

- By ameliazoe
Publish Date : 2021-08-21 06:48:00
How to Reenergize Your Outreach Approach for 2021

Your team probably didn’t overthink their outreach strategy before the pandemic. Your company was able to attract prospects and keep the engine revving. Now, you're in unfamiliar territory. It's not business as usual. What once worked no longer works.

Although it might seem difficult to reach potential customers during a pandemic, it is possible with a delicate approach. Sapper Consulting specializes in lead generation. Our team assists clients every day with filling their pipelines. COVID-19 has not stopped our efforts. We know that it is crucial to bring in new customers, especially given the difficult business environment.

You need to increase your outreach efforts if you feel that revenue and clients have been lost, or your bottom line has suffered. While tweaking your strategy may take time, it is an investment that will enhance your value proposition for current and potential clients. Your offering may be just what they need to solve their problems. These 5 steps will help you adjust your outreach expectations to land more deals.


1. Get to know your customers better than ever before

A client that we have been working with for many years told us that their success has taken them from a small business to a successful company that must hire during COVID-19 to keep up with the sales. Through our knowledge of their company and the creation of compelling content, we were able to secure meetings for them. We also found opportunities to help them shine.

It's easy: Find out what makes each client special and how they want to help your customers grow.

Many businesses want to be as normal as possible. However, that may not be possible in today’s economic climate. It is important to assess what your product or service offers and how it can benefit clients in this particular moment. While the need for your product or service is still there, customers' motivations for purchasing have changed. You should expect your responses to be focused on the ways you can solve companies' problems in the current paradigm.

Do you know the intricacies of your prospect's businesses? Are you unable to recognize your customers? Your target personas are the first step in renewing your outreach strategy. While you don't need to completely reinvent them, it is important to consider how their buying habits have changed.

Some industries, like hospitality and travel, have made significant changes to comply with social distancing regulations. You can then map out the outreach journey of each persona once you have a clear picture of their day.


2. Check all messages currently in use

Effective and robust outreach strategies for the pandemic are thoughtful, realistic, agile, and empathetic. Assess the outreach content that you are sending to clients and prospects. Is your outreach content communicating the right value points to clients and prospects, particularly in light of their changing hurdles? Your verbiage, tone, and imagery from before COVID-19 might not be relevant anymore. You can make your audience understand why you are the right partner by adjusting all your touchpoints.

Do some research if you aren't sure what your prospects will like. Visit their social media pages and websites to see what they are talking about. See how they communicate with customers. The updated target personas will provide some direction for messaging, but it's worth looking below the surface to find concrete talking points. You will have better chances of creating lasting partnerships if you are in sync with their experiences.


3. Time frames are realistic

While you may need to close sales deals, your customer might not be interested in your offer or thinking about how they can help. The buying cycle has changed, just like the rest of the business. Prospects might not be ready for context because they are focused on helping those who will benefit from your business' success.

Although it is easy to become frustrated when potential clients are slow to respond, you must be patient. Unresponsive leads might still convert. She might not be ready to sign a contract. Don't let this stop you from reaching out. Keep your prospects in mind by regularly sending follow-up emails and sharing valuable information. Let prospects connect the dots and then let them return to you in their own time.


4. Change your outreach methods to be based on real-time feedback

Marketing and sales are constantly changing fields. If you receive feedback from clients that isn't in line with your outreach plan, don't be content to sit back and do nothing. You should instead be ready to change your tone, value propositions, and calls to action at any moment.

Virtual sales are often seen as an alternative to in-person sales. Virtual meetings should not be treated as a substitute for in-person sales. Every member of your team should be familiar with video conferencing best practices. These include matching the tone and pace for a prospect, planning out the flow of virtual conversations, and understanding how "read" people even when they aren't visible.


5. Let empathy guide your efforts

Empathy is more than a desirable attribute. If you want to build relationships with your prospects, empathy is essential. Listen and learn, and not pander and pity. Sometimes conversations don't seem to lead to closure. That's okay. You show that you care more than just the bottom line by showing support in difficult times. Even if your solution doesn't meet their needs, you should still try to help.

Think of the hang-ups of your buyer before you think about your own. There is a lot of anxiety and noise in the world right now, so be a friend and an asset to your prospects. It might surprise you to find out that some of these "lost lead" convert in a matter of months. Transparency and authenticity can net you unexpected referrals, and positive reviews.


Get started

Are you ready to revitalize your outreach strategy? Begin with your buyer personas, and then move on. A renewed approach will impress prospects and help you to restore your sales funnel.

Disclaimer. The opinions and views expressed in this article are the authors Andrew Napolitano.

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