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How the Internet has Changed Real Estate Forever

Author : realtoralex
Publish Date : 2021-03-31 06:51:36
How the Internet has Changed Real Estate Forever

I think we will all agree that advancing technology has changed our lives forever. From reading newspapers for daily updates around the world to just a mere touch on our digital devices has changed the whole situation. Isn't it mesmerizing to know that everything we want to know or desire is available on our mobile phones? The advancement of the internet has changed the world around; especially when we focus on the real estate industry.

 So when you are looking for a home or planning to invest in real estate properties, does it mean that you won’t require a real estate agent in San Antonio? Of course not, a real estate agent is an absolute must if you want to crack a best deal. But in this blog we will learn how the use of technology will overall enhance your real estate experience with the best real estate agent on your side.

Virtual Marketing

Prior to the smart phones, the big budget companies had their own style of marketing with calendars and roadside banners. Small budget companies had quite a difficult time competing with them. But with technology, the scenario has completely changed. The use of Virtual technology has provided the potential buyers a unique approach. A drone shooted video and live photographs provides a comprehensive view of their property without even being physically present at the site. This virtual marketing tool has become the best weapon for real estate agents. By offering this technology, realtors in San Antonio can provide the best experience to their clients without meeting them or giving a tour around the properties.

Considering the current pandemic situation, people have become quite concerned while visiting for a house tour. A virtual tour arranged with a real estate agent in San Antonio has made it a lot easier, especially when maintaining social distance is a must.


In the past, a property sale was more like private information; things like square foot, past damages or any other issues were never shared with potential buyers or renters. The internet today has increased the connectivity and made user communication easier; making it quite handy when it comes to real estate. The ability to obtain these information like neighborhoods, home security, schools and marketplace just at a fingertip has enhanced the real estate investments. From the company websites to the social media platforms, everything has provided a platform to access information and made it easier to sell or invest in the desired property.

Also for realtors in San Antonio, the smartphones and tablets have expanded horizons of their services.Especially if you want to invest into a property out of the state, a real estate agent can easily guide you through a digital platform. Whether you are selling or buying the property, all the buyer related queries can be handled by real estate agents.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence seems to be such a hyped concept in other industries. Well so has it been beneficial to real estate. Although it sounds intimidating to some, its practical applications have provided great convenience to people and San Antonio realtors too.

The prospective clients can get a virtual tour around the house and the neighborhood merely by a google search, which was never possible before. In addition to this, AI has also benefited by performing repetitive tasks like answering queries of potential buyers via chatbots, providing virtual tours through robots and drones, and predictive analysis of large amounts of data. On top of it, AI helps to generate 3D models of the property for the architects that is soon to be constructed. It showcases the insight into physical dimensions, emphasis on strengths and lighting, and provides better understanding to the clients.


In old times, looking around for the property had not been so hard, what made it worse was with those tedious mortgage paperworks and bank loan procedures. Thanks to the internet and how it has streamlined all the bank procedures, making the closing process easier than ever before! Realtors and Attorneys have swiftly moved towards customer-friendly platforms. The process has become less painful and has become a lot faster than a few years ago. Now you can get your loan approved just in the span of 2-3weeks! From addressing the financial concerns to finding the right mortgage to the electronic signatures via “Cloud Platform”, everything just takes days.

When you are new to the real estate industry, even with all the technologies available, it is difficult for a client to go through the whole buying or selling process. In that case, the best option you can choose is hiring a real estate team to take care of all your needs. You can just sit back and relax!

So the real question here is, will humans be completely replaced by computers in the coming future?

Well the answer to that can be NO! The selling and buying of properties is a major decision and expecting some algorithm programmed to do that job is practically an impossible job. We always seek for a professional and expertised real estate agent to make this easier.

The Takeaway message..

It is a lot fun to know that technology has made such a huge impact in our lives. Everything seems to be available at our disposal and with advanced technology we too need to change. But it just seems impossible to replace human beings with years of expertise in the market, especially when we are looking forward to buying your dream home. The technology has definitely enhanced our real estate experiences and these benefits will further multiply. Along with it, an emotional attachment with a San Antonio realtor is what makes our experience the best.

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